Furious Dad Fucking His Daughter

Daughter says she is all grown up, so dad forces her and shows her what grown up means.

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swingerswife +9 points1419 days ago

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meow +21 points1385 days ago

well that escalated quickly
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daddyzgirl +19 points1391 days ago

my dad starting teachingme when I was very little andwould lay on his chest and rock back and forth... he slept in the nude... and mom would be asleep next to him

heaven thise memories! As I got older he taught me how to give his friends hand jobs.
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I\'m sorry

I\'m sorry +1 points227 days ago

Your father sexually assaulted you... I'm so sorry sweetie. Reply Report
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sex +2 points1542 days ago

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fnord +16 points1821 days ago

LOOOOL! Firstly, they are speaking German, not Russian. Secondly, the subtitles are complete nonsense and have nothing at all to do with what they're actually saying. Reply Report

Loophole +15 points1758 days ago

It didn't say do not have sex with your father. Actually, in those days fathers were nearly always their daughters first. Reply Report
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Top lol at subs

Top lol at subs +4 points1336 days ago

- I'm not on the pill...
- yeah, you're going to regret that!
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Not a dad

Not a dad +4 points552 days ago

After all these comments i start to really wonder.. You guys can fantasize and all that about this, but thinking its actually OK to ACTUALLY fuck you own daughter is beyond me, if you really do think so, you really need help. Reply Report

breannamarie +3 points716 days ago

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Wencanicum +1 points676 days ago

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Ironical fart

Ironical fart +1 points61 days ago

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To the religious dude

To the religious dude   0 points1654 days ago

If you believe in creation... Then that means you believe in adam and eve. How the hell do you think they populated? It was all incest. Of course the bible is fictional but if you are going to believe in something at least know a little aout it. Btw it is also a sin to do work on sundays, wear mixed fabrics, and of course eating pig. Reply Report
points out errors

points out errors +7 points1529 days ago

And the biggest sin that all Christians and Catholics commit is judging their fellow man which is in the ten commandments and I'm a Odinist so it annoys me that I know this. Reply Report
Non member

Non member   0 points1527 days ago

Can you buy it on dvd? Whats the title? Reply Report
Lovely lady

Lovely lady   0 points1194 days ago

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sally j

sally j   0 points1031 days ago

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daughter   0 points901 days ago

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miakitten   0 points885 days ago

these subtitles are completely wrong lol
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Almost Legal To Bang A Daddy   0 points557 days ago

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Redheaded slut

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Lovly lovly

Lovly lovly -1 points1683 days ago

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fsafasfa -1 points1573 days ago

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fake finder

fake finder -1 points779 days ago

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Idiots -3 points1762 days ago

It's fake dumbass Reply Report

Butthurt -3 points1578 days ago

So damn butthurt but if it's rape who the hell is filming. It's porn not actual rape Reply Report
points out errors

points out errors +5 points1529 days ago

Nowhere in description does it say rape you numskull Reply Report

wacher -9 points1594 days ago

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points out errors

points out errors +6 points1529 days ago

You sir/Madame are a idiot it is a german porno not American please learn to spell if you can't don't have children for the sake of humanity Reply Report

Superchicken -15 points1821 days ago

Even in Russia, I'm pretty sure that is illegal. And who's holding the camera? Mom? Reply Report

jannybh +11 points1535 days ago

calling sexual relations "illegal" should become illegal. Reply Report