Father Fucking His Drunk Step Daughter

Step dad couldnt help himself anymore. He fucks his drunk step daughter.

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+42 points1855 days ago

If it's real! Awesome but most likely not real incest. We'll just never know Reply Report
incest luvr

incest luvr +24 points1808 days ago

more incest plssss, thumbs up if u agree Reply Report

ncstlvr69er +19 points1345 days ago

I have a 29 year old stepdaughter I want to fuck. I already ate her pussy and fingered her while she was drunk . She didn`t remember. Reply Report

H S +11 points1812 days ago

The key here is the man ejaculating INSIDE her.. Reply Report

ABC +9 points1808 days ago

If it's his step daughter than it's not incest morons Reply Report

Creampie101 +9 points1062 days ago

Wow that's hot! He is one lucky stepdaddy! I want to be her brother and watching all this happen right in front of my eyes. And seeing her stepdad cum inside her. I would wait until he finished cumming and pulled his dick out of her then I would come out of hiding with my throbbing hard, pre cum leaking, ready to explode dick in my hand and before she could even sit up I would be sliding my dick back inside her and tell her, if your stepdad can fuck you and fill you with his cum then so can your brother! And since I had been watching and jacking off the whole time they were fucking I would already be ready to blow my load, so I would bury my dick as deep as I could possibly get inside my sister's freshly fucked, sloppy, cum filled pussy and hold it as deep as I could keeping all my weight focused on pushing it even deeper and let her insides of her pussy and her convulsing cervix milk my cock until I just couldn't possibly hold back any longer. I would let it build and build until I couldn't control it anymore and then just let loose and pump as much of my cum as I could possibly get out of my nuts deep inside my sister! By this time our stepdad watching this all go down should be ready to blow another load of his cum inside her again while I watched him. We could keep pumping our loads inside her until we couldn't possibly get hard anymore. Reply Report

boner +7 points1460 days ago

I fucked my daughter like that and god was it nice. nothing like young wet pussy. we do it twice a week I guess Reply Report

clking   0 points1391 days ago

Would u fuck me like please Reply Report
cum in me daddy

cum in me daddy +7 points1705 days ago

oh daddy will you fuck me and cum inside my pussy...i wont tell mama...please daddy fuck and cum inside my pussy Reply Report

ncstlvr69er +2 points1345 days ago

Daddy`s here to fuck you baby. Reply Report

Naughty +6 points1746 days ago

I liked it when he tried to get his cum as deep as he could in her. Reply Report

Firstfrank79 +5 points298 days ago

I have fuck my daughter when she turned 10 and she had NICE hits with hair on her fat pussy
Reply Report

Curiouser +3 points181 days ago

@Firstfrank79 what's the youngest you've had. Whats the youngest you wanna go Reply Report

caramelincestdesire +4 points1241 days ago

Step dad,real dad...Wish I could have more!!Being fatherless makes me want it so bad. Reply Report
Daddy love

Daddy love +4 points1028 days ago

Daughters try so hard to impress their daddies by letting dad pound their pussies. Reply Report

Weak +2 points1841 days ago

I wanna fuck my mom now Reply Report

Grr +2 points1806 days ago

I dont want to see her enjoying it Reply Report

ME-13 +2 points167 days ago

My uncle came home drunk one night when I was 8.. He used to love to play with and lick my pussy.. He has grand kids now let's them sit on his lap while he tickles them. I know he likes it. Reply Report

Youngmmmm +2 points43 days ago

@ME-13 did you enjoy it Reply Report

Stoney420   0 points453 days ago

If love to fuck her Reply Report

daddysgurl55   0 points535 days ago

Damn i wish I had a daddy to fukk me like this Reply Report

Youngmmmm   0 points43 days ago

I have a 14 year old step daughter I’ve been playing with haven’t had her pussy yet but I will have sucked her tits and she agent me pics of her masterbateing Reply Report

Danger59   0 points216 days ago

drunk or not she wanted his cum her pussy knew what it wanted she craved that cum such a good girl Reply Report

Allison   0 points31 days ago

I wish that was me Reply Report

sallymay -1 points1808 days ago

oh yeah fuck me daddy Reply Report

idu -1 points1782 days ago

So lets hang out ill be ur daddy and u will like it Reply Report

A -1 points1678 days ago

Co trade wcxvenom Reply Report

abib -1 points987 days ago

Listen close @4:30 Reply Report

sallymay -1 points827 days ago

i wish my dad would fuck me and creampie me Reply Report

emann215   0 points657 days ago

i love ti cream pie you baby
Reply Report