Father Vs Daughter

Russian dad can't hold himself anymore and forces his petite teen daughter to have sex with him. Afraid of him, she gives in and prays it is over soon...

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pathetic +29 points1067 days ago

No wonder he has to force himself on her, no one else wants to take his tiny pathetic dick Reply Report

Dante +19 points1064 days ago

Her tears make this so much better.... Reply Report

Matt +17 points1064 days ago

This man needs to die she crying the whole timd how the fuck do u even get off to that that u god im not rich cauze if i was id dedicate my entire life to finding rapist murders and id rip there penis off put salt on it then throw them in the water with sharkz and let there victims watch them get eatin to death any one of u pecies of shit who like this shit im coming for u to Reply Report
Anna Corleana

Anna Corleana -2 points706 days ago

Stop talk bullshit this is what every dad do with hes daughter it don't happen only by me please stop act like you are superman Reply Report

ufcmaniacchad   0 points616 days ago

Damn right! That's how the world works. Reply Report

Wtf +15 points1067 days ago

She's gorgeous...why did they get such a pig to fuck her! Reply Report

lliiilliiilliiill +6 points802 days ago

its her real father you goof Reply Report

Pissoff +12 points1066 days ago

Shut up dumb shits, you dont like what the site has to offer then fk off, the community doesnt need religion bitchs. Reply Report

sallymay +11 points772 days ago

i want daddy to pound my tight pussy and cum inside me Reply Report

hardpainfan11 +4 points1026 days ago

I hope hes been doing this to her often and for years. I love the way she cries and how she tries to cover her body for the camera. Reply Report

letsgotowork30 +2 points1064 days ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Reply Report

Yngperv2300 +1 points1067 days ago

Fucking nasty disgusting little slut bitch gets what she deserve. Fuck her good. You should have put it in her ass too. Post more, would love to see more Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +1 points348 days ago

My daughter makes more noise when i'm using her cunt Reply Report
Mz foxxy

Mz foxxy -1 points119 days ago

@dirtydaddy469 mmmmmm that hot Reply Report

phuckno122   0 points1060 days ago

This video sucks was royally. Truckers like him need his dock cut off and shoved up his ass he needs a prison bitch to tuck his grody ass.
If I was her I would of stabbed him to death point blank.
Reply Report
@fletch_4233 Snapchat

@fletch_4233 Snapchat   0 points33 days ago

I would beat that niggas ass real quick. Reply Report
baby girl

baby girl   0 points531 days ago

her crying turns me on so fuckinf much Reply Report

IambadIDC   0 points307 days ago

@baby girl Fuck yes... I see how common my "issues" are! The way she stays still crying while her own dad penetrates her, It's just brilliant! Reply Report
Daughter lover

Daughter lover   0 points148 days ago

Sometimes baby girls need to be forced to accept daddy's love <3 Reply Report
Fucking God

Fucking God   0 points129 days ago

You fucking feminist, get out. Stop ruining everything. I hope your fathers rapes you just like that sluty russian bitch and begin to know your position in this world. Reply Report
A dad who dreams of his teen daughters tight pusst

A dad who dreams of his teen daughters tight pusst   0 points72 days ago

I watch my teen daughter walk around house in shorts and shes got a nice ass i wish she would catch me beating off and calling her name i really want her too suck my dick and eat my cum my b one day ill walk in shower on her with my cock hard Reply Report
LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!   0 points51 days ago

A desperate dad horny enough to fuck his skinny cancer victim looking ass daughter . This was a pathetic vid and down right chessy, with the fake ass daughter acting like she don't like it . Women suck especially these young girls . If the young bitch didn't want daddie's dick in her than just refuse it . Then report his pervert ass to the police . But it's all propaganda fake acting any way ! Reply Report

stemecca -1 points350 days ago

stunning Reply Report

-1 points693 days ago

✴セックスしたいな Reply Report
report pls

report pls -1 points539 days ago

why has this not been deleted, its 529 days old. disgusting, not to mention illegal and fucked up, pls report it Reply Report

horrible -1 points302 days ago

You all sick motherfuckers deserve to get pounded by a big black dick in prison until your asshole gets riped and then beat to death there's a difference between porn and fucking rape and y'all like to see her cry???? how mentally disorderd have you gotta be!!!!! Reply Report

killer_clownz -2 points748 days ago

Frank 265 finally got some pussy lol Reply Report

hornyrapist -2 points152 days ago

where can i see more of her perfect ass getting raped? Reply Report

Bumbaclot -3 points1063 days ago

Delicious pussy. Reply Report

homer -7 points1067 days ago

probably just a girl with debts offering herself to money. Reply Report

pf -7 points1061 days ago

ye . and the mother is recording them. fake sht Reply Report
V for vendetta

V for vendetta -8 points1067 days ago

U mothafukr. Ill tell u GOD can only bless ME to have me walk in on somethn like that!! Until THEN ill keep praying... FOREAL Reply Report

Poblo -1 points582 days ago

Your a fxxxing idiot Reply Report
U dum fk

U dum fk +10 points1062 days ago

U stupid mutherfucker how u gonna watch porn then even mention the word god u got to be one dumb son of a bitch Reply Report

brazilian_f5 -9 points1066 days ago

following in the footsteps of the father rapist stalin Reply Report
use her

use her -10 points1067 days ago

fucking hot love the tears Reply Report

boo! -17 points1064 days ago

he put that blot over his face, but we can identify him by his 1 inch penis. oh wait all honky's have a 1 inch penis. never mind. Reply Report

WhitePowerBill +3 points559 days ago

Rather be a honky then a monkey Reply Report