Penis Torture

Crazy guy gets off on punishing his penis.

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TaZ +77 points2611 days ago

well...theres a lot of blood in your penis! Reply Report

daaaa +1 points2041 days ago

he must have hit an artery each Reply Report

.. +3 points2041 days ago

he probably had an erection so all the blood was pumping up there. I cant even tell his dick is too messed up man Reply Report

raymond504 +16 points2432 days ago

Sorry but i love my cock so i will never do any thing like that Reply Report

Rachel +10 points2390 days ago

Yeah! kill that penis! a mans penis is evil and he knows how evil it is so he's killing it. Woooooooooo! Reply Report

xgrimm13x -1 points920 days ago

Would you like to kill mine?
beat it cut it torture it or just cut it off :)
Reply Report

Kuraido +9 points2593 days ago

Well.... that thing looks dead, i'm certain his nerve cells are dead, and he doesn't feel a thing... Reply Report
oMg OucHie

oMg OucHie   0 points60 days ago

@Kuraido LOL BRO Reply Report

nashasslicker +9 points2363 days ago

Grey pubes. It's always the old dudes that have had decades to evolve their sexual freakdumb....and I mean dumb. Reply Report

explorer   0 points1599 days ago

Maybe blood fetish is part of what gets him on. Reply Report

ouch +7 points2427 days ago

musta hit the erectile tissue Reply Report

aardvark +7 points2379 days ago

That spurter is arterial blood. The stuff that comes directly from the heart via the lungs to supply oxygenated blood to keep tissue alive. It doesn't just stop bleeding.What a fuck up there. Reply Report
i think...

i think... +7 points2240 days ago

he was having an boner thats why it bled so much Reply Report

LoveLock +6 points2262 days ago

I don't think this guy is normal... Reply Report

Alice +4 points2287 days ago

I am not sure why I watched this how fascinating....moving on now. Reply Report

mdj1960 +4 points2089 days ago

That's sick Reply Report

moonunknown +3 points2589 days ago

He is soooo dumbass. Reply Report

tigger +2 points2582 days ago

you are sick Reply Report

chuckyferrari +2 points2382 days ago

Now that is pretty FUCKED UP !! Reply Report

anonymous +2 points2248 days ago

fuck this guy and any sick fucks, like rachel, who get off to this. kill yourselves Reply Report

explorer   0 points1599 days ago

"Rachel" doesn't get off to this, she just hates men.. Reply Report

dean +2 points2144 days ago

im sad now :( Reply Report

Lou +2 points2119 days ago

you wasted all that beautiful blood... Reply Report

Bubba +2 points1649 days ago

Got Blood ? Reply Report
Obi Quan

Obi Quan +1 points2596 days ago

ummmm... why? Reply Report

xxxxxxx +1 points2288 days ago

this guy is crazy Reply Report

stevie +1 points1949 days ago

ME NEXT PLEse!!!!! do my balls and bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Anon +1 points1554 days ago

When i watch this kind of vids, first thing that pops in my mind.." Why??" Reply Report

Vaginal +1 points201 days ago

I feel bad for those poor tacks, fuck you penis you dumb fuck, you deserve it! Reply Report
Autistic Fagal

Autistic Fagal +1 points201 days ago

Looks like he ain't gonna pee anymore lol Reply Report
oMg OucHie

oMg OucHie +1 points60 days ago

@Autistic Fagal XD Reply Report

jackfernandes   0 points2540 days ago

esse cara é um verdadeiro doente mental Reply Report

Foxy   0 points2469 days ago

What a cumming out! Reply Report

0w0   0 points947 days ago

he hit a good one...I think Reply Report

zoozoo   0 points2173 days ago

Well looks like it doesn't hurt to you Reply Report

sally   0 points2157 days ago

thank you for the video and suggestion.
Reply Report

FunnyMan   0 points1941 days ago

Dude's i n serious need of a "heavy flow" man-pon... Reply Report

pain   0 points2111 days ago

jesus christ Reply Report

sunny   0 points2009 days ago

holly shit
Reply Report

trap   0 points1995 days ago

jesus wtf Reply Report

Holy   0 points1942 days ago

thirsty anyone? XD Reply Report
^person above has aids

^person above has aids +1 points80 days ago

@Holy fuck off autistic piece of shit :) Reply Report

nascarman   0 points1901 days ago

mmmmmm so sexy I would have loved to like up his blood mmmmm Reply Report

kinki_jai   0 points1815 days ago

How hot is that blood spray, how badly I want to cut a guys cock, and have him jack off and spray his blood over my pussy while I fuck myself stupid! Yum!! Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points920 days ago

mmm im down for that Reply Report

kaderlake2   0 points436 days ago

eklig aber geil Reply Report

sillyboy4u2uze   0 points413 days ago

can I have the gold sob ring when you bleed out? Reply Report

blakgoldg50   0 points395 days ago

Reply Report
Dick banger

Dick banger   0 points375 days ago

Im gonna text this to the next guy who tries to hop in my bunk....dick torture pleasures
Reply Report

open   0 points105 days ago

i dig it. i wanna get to that point where the pain is the pleasure. just wish he would have blown his load. blood and cum, the ultimate ejaculation Reply Report
giuu teefh

giuu teefh -1 points2254 days ago

ouch Reply Report

O.O -1 points2043 days ago

my thoughts on this is he stabbed the fuck outa it had enough time to post video then bled to death who agrees? Reply Report
german xxx

german xxx -1 points2023 days ago

shut up rachel and suck cock hard
Reply Report

LonelyToons -1 points232 days ago

I feel bad... Reply Report

FUCKLONELYTOONS +1 points180 days ago

@LonelyToons I don't he deserves to die so fuck you :)
You are so fucking depressed you know that? Poor fag.
Reply Report

CowboyBootedNJ -2 points2187 days ago

If he had a hard on as Non-Member i think...states, then he does not have much of a penis to worry about. Must be discusted about how small he was and just started mutilating himself hense the split doun the back side of it Reply Report

kinky___ -3 points2051 days ago

he should have drank the blood afterwards Reply Report

ouch -5 points2585 days ago

only a white guy! Reply Report