Penis Torture Olympics

These guys must really hate their genitals.

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Psyche Doctor

Psyche Doctor +12 points1613 days ago

It is not clear what prompts a man to divest himself of his own genitalia. Greilsheimer and Groves[1] were able to identify two general groupings in their series of 52 cases of genital self-mutilation. The most common group consisted of psychotic patients (87%). The other group consisted of nonpsychotic persons with character disorders, transvestites who anticipated their own gender conversion surgery or patients with complex religious or cultural beliefs. Reply Report

explorer -3 points1080 days ago

Repeating yourself doesn't make your pop psychology any more correct. Obviously research subjects will consist of mentally ill and disordered people, how else can you study them? This kind of mythology creating only serves to keep the narrow boundaries of what is normal and right and good, and okay. <-- This because you have posted the same text at other videos that didn't show self destruction, even if they were about masochistic men. Reply Report
Nullo wanttobe

Nullo wanttobe +3 points1084 days ago

I like this, and would love to have a woman cut my cock and balls off.

Why for the total submission that it would mean and the fact that I am giving everything that makes me a man to this woman,
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SexualDeviant   0 points506 days ago

That's hot Reply Report
Death the Kid

Death the Kid +2 points905 days ago

You devine your gender only because of your cock? Kind of sad man..... Reply Report

Nope +3 points852 days ago

This made my balls shrivel up and go into my stomach. Why the hell would anyone do this Reply Report

x +2 points1567 days ago

Doesn't look fake to me. I find it fascinating. Reply Report

explorer +2 points1080 days ago

I lost my hard on. Reply Report
Scared shitless..

Scared shitless.. +2 points624 days ago

Im not breathing hard cuz im aroused im breathing hard cuz im scared as shit Reply Report

raymond +1 points1744 days ago

Venger me faire la même chause Reply Report
wtf is this shit?!

wtf is this shit?! +1 points1338 days ago

this is some fucked up shit right here... :/ Reply Report
this is porn?

this is porn? +1 points1378 days ago

If this is porn, it should all be illegal. Reply Report
Fuck U Rachel

Fuck U Rachel   0 points1503 days ago

Shit on u r head... Lemme cut vagina and Nipples... I came on the video of Antichrist... Reply Report

Issjej   0 points70 days ago

Turns me on for some unknown reason Reply Report

Rachel -1 points1872 days ago

i came to this video. cut that evil penis off man. Reply Report

BME x -1 points300 days ago

Interesting Reply Report

teachme -1 points1182 days ago

That explains a lot..
Guys are just mad at there junk..
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Hot asf

Hot asf -1 points198 days ago

Rachel I came to this too. If I had a penis I would love for this shit to happen to mine this makes me so horny. And i would love for my tits and vagina to be tortured. Reply Report

anonymous -2 points1729 days ago

STUPID and FAKE Reply Report
non-member 584

non-member 584 -2 points1695 days ago

Fake for sure. That was a girl. Reply Report
Dr Brr

Dr Brr -3 points2064 days ago

fake Reply Report

nashasslicker -5 points1844 days ago

I wonder if he masturbated after doing that. Reply Report