Penis Electro Torture

Extremely painful needle and electro torture on big german cock.

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Wow +8 points1655 days ago

That sounded really painful lol. Reminded me of my exmaster. Now I'm sad lol.

I imagine it was very painful taking those needles OUT
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sickfuck666 +3 points1452 days ago

did he cumshot???' Reply Report

shemaleandbrother +2 points823 days ago

someone do this to my brother and I or just one of us...anything you want ;) :D Reply Report
sadist lover

sadist lover +1 points539 days ago

I will to you both ... would you have any limits? Reply Report

kdc43 +1 points1518 days ago

did he died? Reply Report

cbtlouis +1 points1116 days ago

Hmm, awesome.
Very well done mate.
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fargo770 +1 points1148 days ago

something I have been wanting to try. I have put needles thru my balls and love it. Do not hurt coming out and little going in especially out other side of ball thru the skin. Just have to get the nerve up to hook up some electrical current like this and zap the balls. Really want to try it sometime Reply Report

lliiilliiilliiill +5 points578 days ago

you need to see a dr mate you have a mental illness. Reply Report

Errrrrrrrrr   0 points1611 days ago

It's so funny what ppl do 2 themselves and film it
Then thay think I'm gunr put it on the World Wide Web for every1 2 see
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willboy4u   0 points344 days ago

love your penispain Reply Report

looking4CBT   0 points886 days ago

Definitely my idea of fun! Can I find a woman around Jackson, Mi. who wants to help me???
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Hollowbin   0 points550 days ago

This looks fake to me, there is no elecri current if the green and yellow don't touch eachother and complete the circuit..... fake. Reply Report

piba   0 points391 days ago

body complet the system , electricity on needle . not my trip ahaha Reply Report

gaymannbam   0 points35 days ago

Geiles Spiel mit einem geilen Schwanz Reply Report

cbtlouis -1 points1579 days ago

Hmm, tough guy. I love it. Reply Report

XCOM -2 points1715 days ago

That sounded so pleasurable. Dumbass. Reply Report