Cheating biatch

Malay husband smacks up his cheating wife during an elevator ride

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mr bean

mr bean +2 points1774 days ago

WOW she must have been a real bitch to deserve all that. Reply Report

@pokemontrainer +1 points2149 days ago

maybe you dont know wtf it feels to get cheated on . Reply Report
big brother malay

big brother malay   0 points2030 days ago

If she was my sister that malay guy gonna feel my fucking fist up his asshole, she cheat on u? jus fucking break off, u guys not even married... There so many malay pussy out there that need to be fuck.... I jus hate when loser hit a girl... I have a younger sister was once she came back from home n have a tiny love bite on her neck, i was fucking fucking furious so i took out a chopper (parang) n ask my sister where his bf house.. She cried holding my hand till i need to drag her to the staircase... Eventually i gave up, bcoz,i could'nt watch my sister cry... Reply Report
You stupid Malay

You stupid Malay -1 points1774 days ago

You are worse than the guy in the video you stupid malay. Reply Report

dick   0 points2148 days ago

the guy is soooo gay Reply Report

Pussy -1 points1774 days ago

You stupid? Which part of the videoo showed he is homosexual? Reply Report
malay guy

malay guy   0 points2005 days ago

He is not her husband
Tat guy is a gay dude hear wat he was sayin
Reply Report

Lol   0 points2068 days ago

This is in singapore u morons. Plus it was at a sec school. I know cos i live here and the guy is gay. He went to my sisters sec school. They are malay not indonesian u 'dickwag' Reply Report
pokemon trainer

pokemon trainer -1 points2775 days ago

i'd say the dude was the biatch. multiple bitchslaps was really necessary man ? oh and this ther indonesians, dickwags Reply Report

carpediembgd -1 points2016 days ago

this guy is a such a wonder she cheated on him... Reply Report
mr frost

mr frost -4 points2843 days ago

you download my video and claim site.. fuck it. Reply Report