Cheating wife sliced open in the streets

A man caught his wife cheating on him and attacked her with a knife, that's one hell of a knife.

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ghgfh +14 points2602 days ago

Call an ambulance morons Reply Report

Hmm +7 points2602 days ago

Instead of seen thing or listened if audio exist what is shown is quiet and peaceful moment of aftermath that is to be understood, the male in part could have his reasoning to express anger. If so the part lands on how finally the understanding divorce would not been given and person thinks all things stay the same and would not meet the standards of modern society. Reply Report

ololol +7 points2587 days ago

i think she'll have backpain for 2 or 3 days Reply Report
Innocent boy

Innocent boy +7 points2587 days ago

She just got lucky as he missed her spin by inches.. Reply Report

asa +7 points2247 days ago

Seriously, see how comfortably she moves with such deadly wound. It amazes me how quickly human body can adapt with the emergency fatal disturbances. incredible mechanism Reply Report

Screwtinizer +7 points2082 days ago

What piece of shit country is this? I swear the world is mostly brainless animals now. I hope a comet comes from space and wipes us out very soon. Reply Report
fuck the world

fuck the world +7 points2024 days ago

in today world if one people is dying or injured they always video tape and laugh instead of helping i hope world ends with a bang Reply Report

Zaka +6 points2575 days ago

Aww shit, poor girl. Reply Report
-Not right in the head

-Not right in the head +3 points2603 days ago

that's a bit of a nasty nik, must of stung a bit! Reply Report

non-member +3 points2603 days ago

Brazil !! Reply Report

Troll +3 points2584 days ago

small flesh wound, nothing a bandaid cant fix... Reply Report

Realist +1 points2350 days ago

I bet if it was the husband,everyone would be singing a different tone.Double standards are so great. Reply Report

. +1 points2209 days ago

deserved it Reply Report
They should

They should +1 points1848 days ago

Do this to all whores Reply Report

grimm +1 points1439 days ago

Cheating bitches, get stitches. hope she learns her lesson. Reply Report
Real shit! That bitch had a family

Real shit! That bitch had a family +1 points1025 days ago

Anyone who thinks she didn't deserve that is a fucking idiot and deserves to be sliced all the way the fuck in half! Reply Report

ddddd +1 points930 days ago

Bitches get stitches. Reply Report
The rapist  oops Therapist

The rapist oops Therapist +1 points802 days ago

Well, everyone who fucks around has to be prepared to pay the price. I hope he was worth it ho! lol Reply Report

hearthacker +1 points911 days ago

ive many incidents about cheating husbands get their penis cut by their wives... if those are right then this shit is also right. go fuck urself cheating bitch. Reply Report

KysFam +1 points394 days ago

Can't say she didn't deserve it. Reply Report
PSY Parody

PSY Parody   0 points2320 days ago

Machete Style Reply Report

Jaime   0 points2582 days ago

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

MaX   0 points2539 days ago

What's that gonna take to sew up, like 5000 stitches? Reply Report

O_O   0 points2126 days ago

Go home back, You're drunk Reply Report

issyaboi   0 points708 days ago

get dat hoe a icy hot! Reply Report

Babybubby   0 points816 days ago

Sexy Reply Report
Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll   0 points1330 days ago

A few band-aids some newsprint and the cheating bitch will be fine Reply Report

Hmm -1 points2602 days ago

Well finally the conclusion that serves on all would been on how the woman should have gone to streets instead, the way of presentation only shows how person being able finds himself unable to countain moment. Simple as that the male would have had his own considerations. Reply Report

devildog -1 points2395 days ago

looks good on the skanky cunt Reply Report
Master Bates

Master Bates -1 points1515 days ago

They showed amazing restraint...not one moved forward to flush it out with urine and no one took a wank to fill it with sperm! Reply Report

bel1 -1 points960 days ago

Whoever did that should be turned into police and jailed for deadly assault and battery. Reply Report

Al -2 points2372 days ago

Just look at the Ghouls with the phones. Reply Report

Nooooooo -2 points1757 days ago

AaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah omg omg omg omg omg omg Reply Report

Dave -3 points2572 days ago

Holy fuck. I hope she's ok. Reply Report

Ghost -3 points2571 days ago

And when did somebody do anything to help her instead of taping the mess.IQ is nothing you buy in the store. Reply Report

jehova -3 points2475 days ago

si jehova ang gaganti
sa lahat ng mga gawang masama
Reply Report

paul -4 points2582 days ago

You fucking assholes. There's no justifying cutting into another persons flesh like that. Her husband didn't have to do anything. There's no other way of looking at it other than, he needs to be shot since he went way over board over pussy anway. Reply Report

John -8 points2587 days ago

I have to say the comments are amazing. What a bunch of hypocrites. "That's what bitches deserve when they cheat". If they were Muslim, I bet that's not what you would say. Fuckers. Reply Report

Mike -16 points2603 days ago

That's what bitches deserve when they cheat ) Reply Report

neil -19 points2603 days ago

thats nasty, but if u cheat u have to accept the consequences. Thats the law Reply Report