Cheating Wife Humiliated By Husband

Cheating wife gets her hair cut off, stripped down naked and brutally beaten by aggressive husband.

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Shagga +76 points1768 days ago

This is what should happen to every scum pos cheating sack of crap in the world, guy or girl. And to all the stupid idiots, how can you not see that is a woman doing the beating? DO you just read video titles and turn your brains off? Reply Report

OgWog +31 points1758 days ago

Reminds me of the time I cheated on McDonalds with Burger King. Reply Report
Correct translation

Correct translation +26 points1514 days ago

Dont listen to idiots here. What is actually going on is, they were best friends and the one getting beaten fucked the other ones husband, and she is beating/humilitaing her for it. Reply Report

confirmer +7 points1465 days ago

yup, this guy is right. Reply Report

cc +19 points1770 days ago

Nono, this girl fucked with husband of her best friend, so that best friend beats the shit out of her because of that.... Reply Report

Lmao +15 points1441 days ago

Don't know what she's crying about she got a free haircut Reply Report

jackyyy +14 points1674 days ago

Definitely a Female-on-Female video. Reply Report
As I See It

As I See It +12 points1765 days ago

What do you tell a woman with a black eye? Nothing, she's already been told. Reply Report

damn... +12 points1759 days ago

I just came hard as fuck to this.... Reply Report

lol +11 points1759 days ago

why does the bitch just sit there and take it? stand up for yourself hoe! Reply Report

etc +10 points1769 days ago

this is a video about a woman who beats her best friend because she slept with her husband... at the end they push her out of the car naked Reply Report

... +10 points1759 days ago

we're all going to hell Reply Report

naturalborndriller +6 points1761 days ago

That is a female being agressive = female on female Reply Report
And never will be a member!

And never will be a member! +6 points1743 days ago

I think all these comments just prove that most people don't watch the videos or don't pay attention to them, if most of you can't even tell thats a women beating her not her husband. Reply Report

truthx +6 points1076 days ago

This is what should happen by LAW to any women who is unfaithful! Women ARE a lower form of human beings, worthless to a point. Every female deserves to be raped and subjected to violence. It should be a mans right to use and abuse any female he wishes. Us men care for you, not the other way around! - Boring vid though, needs more sex and violence. Reply Report

Fukpuppet   0 points37 days ago

@ truthx. Marry me Reply Report

Onlynormalhumanonhere +3 points239 days ago

What the fuck are you talking about. People like you are and should be in prison and not allowed in our society. A woman is the reason your scummy little heart is even beating. You are a sack of useless crap. No one should be raped or abused, you horrible nasty cunt. Reply Report

HugeCock11 +1 points344 days ago

awww, does someone have a small penis? Or are women useless to you because they get all the boys that you have been dreaming of fucking? So you're a coward or a faggot that;s too chickenshit to admit it? Which is it you pathetic piece of shit? I would literally tear the skin off your face if I met you, and on camera to post here! You fucking waste of life! Reply Report

worff +4 points1715 days ago

they used to do this here in the netherlands to bitches that slept with the germans during the war... Reply Report

mambru +4 points1436 days ago

Her " agressive husband " has titties and pussy ¿¿?? Reply Report

Satan   0 points1342 days ago

I Saw That Aswell
Reply Report

Astounded +3 points1525 days ago

Am I the only one that finds this uncomfortable viewing??? Those who think this is acceptable are worse than animals ! If this was a mother doing this to her own daughter, then that is disgusting, The human race is fucking doomed ! Reply Report

Grinch +2 points1759 days ago

Wow, thats gross!
Stupid basterds, she should cut their throats while they sleep...
Reply Report

MrZamboso +2 points1757 days ago

Thats 2 woman xd Reply Report

Who +2 points1743 days ago

Bitches need to learn hahaha Reply Report

SlutSlap +2 points1554 days ago

I'm geting kind of hard ?! Reply Report

AL +2 points1554 days ago


ada +2 points1068 days ago

Too far, she is a human being. Violence should never be the answer. Reply Report

Kukuluny +2 points382 days ago

"Cheating Wife Humiliated By Husband"... No. Wife caught her best friend with her cheating husband. Reply Report
fucking homos

fucking homos +1 points1770 days ago

@CC so, hes gay? ahh it all makes sense now. Reply Report

fuckinfags +1 points1658 days ago

what year is it Reply Report
What time is it

What time is it   0 points238 days ago

2017 Reply Report

Ee +1 points1447 days ago

I hope she learned her lesson. Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points883 days ago

that is nothing if you saw me beat my dogs ass then you would be really surprised.....then I would really kick its ass :) Reply Report
Vengeance is mine

Vengeance is mine +1 points318 days ago

To all the people who liked this video, you will all die at Armageddon. Reply Report
Fuck da world

Fuck da world +1 points352 days ago

Id fuck the woman being beaten...she has a nice ass and bush! Reply Report

lesptitesputains +1 points365 days ago

better if big dildo was used in the same time .. Reply Report
Hair stylist

Hair stylist +1 points238 days ago

Now that's how you cut hair on the cheap. Reply Report

masat   0 points1526 days ago

Noe i would rape her and Beat her sensless
Vergewaltigen und totschlagen danach
Reply Report
Baal omega

Baal omega   0 points199 days ago

I can see a lot of objects she could have used to defend, what a useless bitch Reply Report

King   0 points1293 days ago

its the family of the cheated wive,
and the girl you see, is the ex wive becouse the man leave her alone, and also he ist not with this girl... and now he get here revange,
but honest this all is sick , and all of you people who like it and thumb this up, are fucken sick bastards.

kind has spoken bitches.
Reply Report
Yes Ma\'am Member

Yes Ma\'am Member   0 points59 days ago

Its a relief to see that there are still woman being treated just as they deserve to be treated somewhere in the world. More men should treat their women this way and more women would be more obedient. Train and beat your woman!! Reply Report

Gunthur   0 points860 days ago

Feel her pussy, it was still sticky with cum. Reply Report
Is she for hire

Is she for hire   0 points238 days ago

I know afew cunts that should be treated this way. Reply Report

youscumcunt   0 points218 days ago

If you want to be a whore break up with the person your with otherwise its a betrayal of trust and you deserve everything you get coming to you skanks Reply Report

kelly -1 points1653 days ago

i feel soooo bad for her and this is excessive but i been cheated on before and then pain and humiliation of that experience is internal but soooo sever i believe its comparable. its not right what is doing ....but i understand. Reply Report

Traci -1 points1407 days ago

I would love to see the video of what she did to her cheating husband! Reply Report

Harry -1 points876 days ago

This is the reason why this planet shouldn't even exist. Whoever started this Earth project surely has turned her/his/its back to it and let it rot. The day your partner dies you will understand that nobody belongs to nobody. You can't own a person and therefore you cannot cheat. This is just inferior culture behaviour and most of all its shows how poor this people are because they record on such crappy cellphones. Where this video has been produced I bet its the end of the world where only alcohol can make they day bearable. Those who punish like this being Nazis or people fighting the Nazis or whatever, never do this out of revenge, those people lie about their true goal they are sadistic creatures who get the chance to live out their sadistic nature with a pretext. The girl cutting the hair in my opinion never was her best friend she just waited for a chance to cut her best friends hair and beat the shit out of her. So my final statement: Fucking Psychopaths living out their hobbies! Reply Report
Harry is some dumb

Harry is some dumb +2 points238 days ago

Maybe she wanted to donate her friends hair and got mad cause she didn't want to help the hairless women of the world. Reply Report

tjlickass -1 points504 days ago

I hate how much I really love this treatment of a slut and with every woman could experience this humiliation and learn her place Reply Report

Bel1 -1 points567 days ago

Guy should have the hell beat out of h and his head shaved. No excuse for brutality to the weaker sex. Reply Report

worldgone2shit -1 points538 days ago

Then he drives her to the shelter when he's done, because he's just nice. Reply Report

Holland -2 points1770 days ago

This poor lady fucks with husband of the wiman who beats her. Logic final in Russia. Reply Report

nediar -2 points1758 days ago

Cheating is a crime Reply Report

DC -2 points1758 days ago

mannn that's fucked up, beat her ass but don't kick her around in the face over and over Reply Report

sadisticmann -2 points1731 days ago

Damn..this bitch can take a beating! Any more like this out there? Reply Report

Henker -2 points1646 days ago

Gibt mir die Adresse, ich bringe die Mutter und die die gefilmt hat um.
Wie kann man nur herzlos und kalt sein.
Das macht mich sprachlos.
Reply Report

anonymous -2 points1518 days ago

Muslim Cuckold

Muslim Cuckold -2 points594 days ago

This is Inhuman against Women Rights. Reply Report
fucking homos

fucking homos -3 points1770 days ago

OH WAIT, it was a woman cutting her hair. Hahah, no wonder his husband cheated her, disgusting pig versus a hot girl, who would you sleep with. Reply Report

mrone4u -3 points1759 days ago

This is stupid just let her fucking go about her business. Reply Report

poooooooooooo -3 points1683 days ago

now time for me to rape her! Reply Report

ace -3 points1653 days ago

Fucking animals...both deserve a beating Reply Report

FRANCE -3 points1156 days ago

NAZIS !!!!!! Reply Report

MR. HENDERSON -3 points1287 days ago

I hope she learned! that EATING IS CHEATING!...SMFH I FEEL SORRY FOR HER HUSBAND IM SORRY!...her wife :) Reply Report

krecik7 -3 points1275 days ago

A czy Wy wszyscy wiecie co to jest prawo i że takie rzeczy są karane.
Co do kultury to;-"przyganiał kocioł garnkowi a sam brudny i zasmolony".
Ta Wasza zachodnia kultura to reżim i dla młodzieży jest perspektywa:-School-to-prison pipeline
Reply Report

Yo -3 points617 days ago

For all of you who liked this video: FUCK YOU MOTHERS FUCKERS PIECES OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

anon -4 points1758 days ago

nope those are her sisters, not even sister in laws but elder sisters, this was after she cheated with her long time bf who was 'ALSO' married and so ruined 2 famiies but still she doesnt deserve such punishment Reply Report

brooketyler -4 points1755 days ago

lol, we know who has been cheated on because they have the teenie weenies...they are so easy to know...the ones saying she deserved it or everyone who cheats should be beaten. Reply Report

G -5 points1769 days ago

...that was fucked...and why were they in a car at the end of the video...please tell me they didn't pull some rush hour shit where they push her outta the car and she has to run through the streets Reply Report

marilyn -5 points1769 days ago

lui ces un gros crisse de porc sale pis y merite la mort par lapidation ,gros mongole l enfer t attend yessss Reply Report
pale warrior

pale warrior -7 points1571 days ago

for all you fucktards out there who think cheating is bad, and that you deserve this kind of a beating for cheating, you yourselves are fucking coward fucks and deserve to be cheated on! there's a reason you get cheated on! you're not satisfying your partner and you should be cheated on. i would love to have walked in on this and opened up the can of whooooooppppazzzzzz. I would then take the nice looking woman out to a better life, and leave the two whores who were beating her to rot and fucking die! Reply Report

PYRO +4 points1533 days ago

Awe, how cute. A cheater is speaking. Reply Report
Timmy Parsisseh

Timmy Parsisseh -8 points1720 days ago

I think this is a wonderful educational video of when a husband tells the cunt he lives with to do something, do it cunt. His other gf had to get fisted instead of her. Her loss. Cunts just freaking do what your told. Reply Report
You guys are acting like she's all innocent

You guys are acting like she's all innocent -9 points1759 days ago

She obviously did something wrong, and to an extent deserves it, hair will grow back, and bruises will heal. It's not like he shot her or something, imagine if your wife cheated on you, how would you react. Reply Report

Kike -9 points1732 days ago

Bien hecho por estar putiando asi gay que hacerle a todas las que pegan cuernos me alegro Reply Report

Robert -3 points1310 days ago

Ojala, no tengas hermanas o hijas que algún día engañen a su pareja... Porque me imagino que aprobarías que les hicieran esto mismo... Algo que es completamente enfermo Reply Report

hahahaha -9 points1559 days ago

I think she enjoyed it. Should have ended with a samurai sword to the belly. Reply Report

lol -11 points1769 days ago

fake as fuck Reply Report

KOH -11 points1585 days ago

They are not Russians, but Ingush women from Ingushetia - homeland of sluts and whores! Fucking sadistic islamic animals! Reply Report

russian -14 points1543 days ago

are you fucking people retarteD? its a russian mother beating and cutting the hair off her daughter because she was dating someone who wasn't jewish, russians are very strict about this because there are not that many russian jews left in russia Reply Report
normal human

normal human +2 points880 days ago

jews are animals. Reply Report
Non Member cc

Non Member cc -55 points1770 days ago

As it SHOULD be. Man or women. You cheat, you should be beaten, and publicly humiliated like this. NO ONE should cheat. It's disgusting, and you are a disgusting person. Reply Report
English man

English man -78 points1770 days ago

If her guy was a real man she wouldn't cheat! Animals shouldn't be treated like this never mind a human,if your pet dog favoured your neighbour because you were neglecting it, would you beat it? No you would just let it go !! Reply Report

Rollie -81 points1769 days ago

Real man, real hero.. fuck this dude, you don't beat woman..! This guy would cry like a baby when he gets buttraped in jail by a blind guy with a 20inch dick!
Reply Report

SK   0 points1157 days ago

Tony Garner

Tony Garner -85 points1768 days ago

Third work fuckin scum kind of makes you glad you live in the civilized west does not happen on my street.
The Russians and east Europe need to be educated in western manors and being human.
Reply Report

trololoeff +2 points1513 days ago

Скоро мы придем учить тебя культурке. Готовь вазелин, падла Reply Report

Bitch -86 points1770 days ago

Mother fucker beaten defenceless lady u think u hard if I was there I would of fuck u to death I hope da girls is ok Reply Report

People   0 points238 days ago

How is a person defenceless, anyone can cause harm and pain. My mind is defenceless cause it can't hit people. Bitch please get an education. Reply Report
Max Therapist

Max Therapist   0 points409 days ago

You would be gagging for it the same as her....all sisters under the skin. Not quite but nearly low as Niggers Reply Report

cobee -231 points1760 days ago

Instead letting her out of her life and divorce herncheating husband
Beating is an act of cowerdness and weakness. Women cheat because they.need love and xare their physiology os different than that of males. Women are weak when theu cheat its because their men are offering hell or cheating. Never beat a woman
Man beating a women is not a man no matter the reason was.instead.sit.amd talknwith ur wife ask her discuss with her tje reason. Dudes.women.never.cheat without a reason
Reply Report

Really   0 points238 days ago

Whores well always be whores. Never forget someone's past, cause it always returns. Reply Report