Small Penis In Permanent Chastity

Slave dude has his small penis stapled shut by a sexy mistress with a medical stapler.

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wtf64 +8 points248 days ago

what the actual fuck is this, this is so fucked up I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy. Reply Report
Rachel Jarvis

Rachel Jarvis +8 points246 days ago

I’d love this done to my bf then have him made into a fag for me and my bfs to use as we seen fit!! Reply Report

Duderock   0 points59 days ago

@Rachel Jarvis hmm, i also would love this if any do this to me Reply Report

Duderock +1 points59 days ago

@Rachel Jarvis hmm, i also would love this if any do this to me Reply Report

MicroDick +3 points247 days ago

Is she really stapling his cock shaft or is that just a pimple on his nut sack? Reply Report

wishfullsub +2 points269 days ago

That was so fucking hot! Cam twice!

Is there more like this? How long was the staples left in?
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1-647-391-4724 +2 points159 days ago

I honestly want this done to me so badly and made into a complete slave
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Stephen600 +1 points11 days ago

Can you do to me yes or no Reply Report

Willinggiy +1 points248 days ago

I honestly wouldn't mind this done to me, I think it'd be fun to show off, anybody interested in giving this kind of this domination? Reply Report

ice +1 points248 days ago

That woman is so fucking hot. If you pussies don't like it maybe you should stick to YouTube. Reply Report

bowties +1 points247 days ago

She needs to sit on his face or do something to give him a hard-on. That should be an interesting level of pain. Reply Report

Mustangboss   0 points247 days ago

Hahaha thats owned.... would be good for someone who breaks into my house Reply Report

simonslut   0 points246 days ago

This is a truly delicious movie, but she should have got him hard and it would have been even better Reply Report

Yorke   0 points245 days ago

Pura mierda perra, puta, a nadie le gusta eso Reply Report

w1sasd   0 points244 days ago

this is messed up
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jesus4345 -1 points247 days ago

whats her Name? Reply Report

1230984723   0 points74 days ago

@jesus4345 That's Cybill Troy and this isn't the worst thing I have watched her do to bitch boys that she works with. Reply Report

Z1z1x -2 points248 days ago

fukin' sick Reply Report

Picmon -2 points248 days ago

O u c h Reply Report
holy shit wtf

holy shit wtf -6 points248 days ago

why does this exist she should die
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