Self Shot Shitting

Argentinian makes a scat selfie while shitting on the toilet.

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KogaTheDeer   0 points243 days ago

I swear the comments section is absolute aids, everytime I scroll down on any video it's just jumble of horribly spelt words jumbled together, barley forming a proper sentence.
I feel brain cells dying every time I read a comment.
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KogaTheDeer   0 points243 days ago

See it's already killed off most of my brain cells, I need a break from Heavy-R before it's too late. Reply Report

nastasia   0 points269 days ago

Great video - thx Reply Report
Shreya 48

Shreya 48   0 points269 days ago

My own experience.When the turd slides out there is a pleasant feeling of eroticism in ass hole and if the clit is tickled at the same time a mild orgasm can be felt. Reply Report

manu210580 -2 points268 days ago

@Shreya 48 well i am interested in you..... lets know each other more in deep....
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Shreya 48

Shreya 48 +1 points244 days ago

@manu210580 Know each other for what? Alley Toms & Harrys are repulsive & don't interest me. Reply Report

scatloverforever   0 points244 days ago

i love a fucking dirty pussy, i eat your shit and dont wash! Reply Report

keyb0d   0 points244 days ago

Sos de argentina? Reply Report

culoroto   0 points241 days ago

@keyb0d pedazo de hijo de puta te gusta comer mierda? Reply Report