Girl Shitting Herself

Crazy girl sitting upside down, shittng all over her pussy and in her face.

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Nice one

Nice one +39 points2030 days ago

Always love a slut who isn't afraid of putting shit in her pussy Reply Report

Britguy69 +5 points1642 days ago

I would love to have my rock hard dick in her bottom...her bowel contractions, and the sensation of her hot poo squeezing out would give me the best orgasm ever :) Reply Report
Ginny Vance (MILF)

Ginny Vance (MILF) +4 points1947 days ago

Made a enema video like i said i was going to do in the video i gave my self a enema and then expeled the enema and i got a surprise i forced out cum from my pussy LOL i do not even know who gave me the load of cum LOL Reply Report

Britguy69   0 points1586 days ago

It was probably your own cum Ginny. I'd have loved to have licked it out while you expelled you enema :) Reply Report
girl poop lover

girl poop lover +2 points1994 days ago

I'd love to come up her bottom whle she did that :)
Reply Report

ew +1 points2029 days ago

White People Reply Report

alexandria76 +1 points2028 days ago

poo poo pee pee cockey Reply Report

poopnfart +1 points1808 days ago

@ Ginny Vance: you can squirt your enema all over my face if you like! Use my mouth as a fart receptacle as I stroke my stiff penis! Reply Report

Meep -6 points1737 days ago

That was fucked up man Reply Report

nice +1 points1546 days ago

my super hot 18 year old college girlfriend love to have her ass fucked and when she shit o my dick she would gladly lick and suck it clean... damn i miss her ass hole Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +1 points1497 days ago

She can use my tongue for toilet paper Reply Report

h3nn3p +1 points273 days ago

I wanna eat and fuck her shitty pussy now mmmm Reply Report
Tim Bosman

Tim Bosman   0 points2029 days ago

lekker lekker Reply Report
Cum junky

Cum junky   0 points2030 days ago

Why did the guy ass fuck her while she shit that out? I would kill to see a sloppy cunt and shit getting fucked Reply Report

hehe   0 points2030 days ago

she needs some high-fiber food. Reply Report
Ginny Vance  (MILF)

Ginny Vance (MILF)   0 points1951 days ago

Nice video !!! Wow maybe i will try to do a enema video like this one if i do a video like this can i remove the video later ? i have never made a enema video before and i do not no if i should let my face be seen in a video like this because i am shy Reply Report

vint   0 points1947 days ago

if i had be there instead of putting the finger for pushing the cake i would have used my tongue to eat and lick the smeling cake. what a awesome video i had not ever seen in my life time. Thanks for who ever has uploaded this video. mind blowing. Reply Report

Algeriano   0 points1710 days ago

A love you bébé Reply Report

bangmyslut   0 points1476 days ago

Nice! I think I'll have my girl try that to herself! Reply Report

afry   0 points690 days ago

Mega Geil die Frau ! Reply Report

Superchicken -4 points1943 days ago

As long as we have this site, South Park will never run out of ideas for stories. Reply Report

mcfuckno! -5 points1489 days ago

bahahahahahaha! brush your teeth you stinky shit breath slut! And your cunt smells of dead fish and shit! hahahahahaha…fish and shit ! what a macfeast Reply Report

wut -8 points2030 days ago

I'm curious to....... why.

Hot but still, why.
Reply Report