My Busty Sister's Striptease Videos

I found these clips on her phone and they were suppose to be for her boyfriend only... Oops!

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UrADickHead +7 points340 days ago

Not your sister. Obviously. Didn’t find it on her phone. Obviously. Stole from old internet page. Obviously. And your a total dickhead. Obviously. Reply Report

curiousguy   0 points339 days ago

@UrADickHead where is the full vid? Reply Report

CheckTheWebGuy +1 points338 days ago

Somewhere else on the internet, obviously.
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davecoock +1 points340 days ago

she super awkward while doing it
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bimbam -2 points340 days ago

@davecoock that's because she is just 14. Reply Report

popsicles87454 +1 points340 days ago

she is a teen... Reply Report

DipshitLoser +1 points339 days ago

20 years old is not a teen.
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beedee241   0 points340 days ago

Hey come you ain't fucking her? Reply Report

Obigtime   0 points339 days ago

Gorgeous face and a perfect body. Who really cares how old she is or if this is for her boyfriend or not. Just sit back and drool over her. Love her ! Reply Report

Blaer   0 points344 days ago

Do you got more of her? Reply Report

longDDDDD   0 points340 days ago

kerrville? that's the town I live in I typed it in the search bar and this is the first video just curious Reply Report
The Hunter

The Hunter   0 points340 days ago

@longDDDDD I'm in Kerrville too. Texas? Reply Report
Cum on her

Cum on her -1 points340 days ago

I like to get a large clump of warm, sticky cum and smear it across a hot lady's breasts and hairy cunt! Then rub it into her crack and finger it deep down inside! Besides arousing my dick to a rock hard stand I sometimes wonder if she'll get pregnant. Reply Report

SteveDD -2 points340 days ago

@Cum on her
Cum isn't warm, that's why your balls hang loose! For ventilation.
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