Dick Flasher Meets Sexy Asian Teen

Clearly this Asian teen loved watching his dick!

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Krista +14 points39 days ago

I'd spray my pepper spray on his dick Reply Report

OGSaTaN -1 points32 days ago

@Krista ..So,You are a Cock Hating Jew Dyke Bitch!? Reply Report

Krista -2 points32 days ago

@OGSaTaN No. I love destroying all men's testicles except for my boyfriend cause I want to be a mom someday. Want me to bite your balls? Reply Report
Clit circumcizer

Clit circumcizer -2 points26 days ago

@Krista Kick me in the balls bitch Reply Report

OGSaTaN   0 points32 days ago

That neeedledick loser is such a lame, limp faggit and pays whores to look at his tiny little gay peepee! Reply Report
Sam Bob Pete

Sam Bob Pete +1 points32 days ago

@OGSaTaN Alright you son of a bitch you listen and you listen good. Leave his fucking pee pee alone. Reply Report
Jesus is my lord

Jesus is my lord +2 points32 days ago

@OGSaTaN I bet you jack off to underage japanese hentai shit like the pathetic little weeb faggot you are. Reply Report

Derham   0 points31 days ago

Now that's a real wanker Reply Report
Ashley Maldonado

Ashley Maldonado   0 points33 days ago

I was just twelve years old when I saw a guy jacking off in his car when I was walking home from middle school. He told me if I wanted to help him and I did by sucking the tip of his massive cock after I got inside of his vehicle. Reply Report

OGSaTaN   0 points32 days ago

@Ashley Maldonado Liar! Your probably a fat fag and lives in your moms fat spic ass! Reply Report

FaggotCumDump -3 points37 days ago

Krista this is why men resort to seek faggots because you uptight women leave them with no choice. I would worship his amazing cock and let him beat the shit out of my afterwards, then thank him for it and beg for more. Reply Report
TWT: @TonyWestXXX

TWT: @TonyWestXXX   0 points31 days ago

@FaggotCumDump - Seriously. So many women are so uptight & vanilla when it comes to sex and then wonder why more men are fucking trannies and gay boys these days lmao. I love DL dick because they fuck me with so much force, lust and anger. Makes me feel like a cheap slut whos only purpose is to be used & violated by straight men. Reply Report

OGSaTaN +1 points32 days ago

@FaggotCumDump gky loser faggit retard! Reply Report