Japanese Girl Shitting Very Long Turd

This girl shits an impressive very long and fat turd. So long that seems it will never end. That's really a Great big turd!

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Nakamura Sato

Nakamura Sato +3 points249 days ago

That turd stretched her poop hole wide, now she will have no more problem having anal with extra large cock. Reply Report

buttoman +1 points702 days ago

A lovely controlled heavy shit, shown expertly. Thank you. Reply Report

Douglasatit +1 points71 days ago

WOW!! This girl really did a nice big shit, I would have loved to catch that in my hand. I bet that smelled real nice. Reply Report

revere   0 points374 days ago

Thank you for sharing what must have been very intimate moment for this gorgeous female being. Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover   0 points275 days ago

Beautiful, Long, Turd. She seemed to strain, to begin with, but smiled as it came out! Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover   0 points5 days ago

VERY Nicely Constipated, Beautiful! Not, much more, to say really- maybe Fifteen, out of Ten! Reply Report