Sleeping Girl Shitting In Bed

Asian girl crapping herself in her sleep.

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Cider +19 points2023 days ago

Well, I imagine that shitting in bed while sleeping doesn't happen very often in the wolrld... Good massive shit though. Who's going to clean the sheets now when she 'wakes up’ ? I am not going to do it. She should have pissed at the same time to relieve also her bladder. The stupid and ridiculous unsharp and digital fuzzy image of her pussy is hypocritical. That's typically Japanese, but they don't hesitate to show her pooping though :-(. Reply Report

v +7 points2048 days ago

this is art,hell yeah Reply Report

zeke +4 points2020 days ago

I'd fuck that shitty asshole as is Reply Report
Go Nude Sooner

Go Nude Sooner +3 points2022 days ago

Good comments & observations by Cider ,When will the Ja Vids stop blocking out
Pussy ? , this is not a network newscast for the airwaves that has to be edited for T.V.
Ja. Videos please go beyond the 20 th Century censorship days.
Great ...... "Good Massive Shit "
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Carl +3 points2023 days ago

just as well they blurred the pussy.
i would be offended seeing that while i'm watching a massive turn come out...
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pns +3 points1965 days ago

I need to sleep with her.
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hugabuga +2 points2050 days ago

lovely Reply Report

Coprophage +2 points2025 days ago

Now that is eating shit. The perfect texture for a gourmet meal. Reply Report

meps +2 points2020 days ago

Yep!!! This is kind of Art...!!! Lol! ;D
Wish to enjoy in real with real same beautiful Japanese girl!!!
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Dom +2 points1666 days ago

I agree totally with the comments of Cider and Go Nude Sooner Reply Report
tell it like it is !

tell it like it is ! +1 points2022 days ago

What was dirtier, her cunt,or her shitty ass ? Reply Report

Dom +1 points1666 days ago

I agree totally with the comments of Cider and Go Nude Sooner ... and Wtf ! Reply Report

eatitall +1 points153 days ago

Me licky the poopy bum hole. Reply Report

wtf   0 points2013 days ago

Never could fathom the Japanese morality. It's illegal to show the genitals (men's or women's), but it's perfectly legal to show an asshole pushing out a pile of turds! Go figure... Reply Report

djaeg1   0 points1572 days ago

What the fuck did she eat??? Reply Report
Dirty diaper lover

Dirty diaper lover   0 points1127 days ago

It would have been great to see her pooping in some panties or a diaper in bed. Reply Report
Andrew T

Andrew T   0 points580 days ago

I DON'T understand why, these Japanese clips all 'Pixilate' a girls Fanny, whilst showing her SHIT! Are 'They' more concerned about 'Naughty Bits', than the fact she has shit herself? Reply Report

Mikoyan   0 points286 days ago

I spent a night with a girl. The fucking was great but the whole night I was tormented with the dried stink of pee & poo from the room and the bed. This video shows why. Reply Report

jaat -2 points1506 days ago

Ya think maybe she wouldn't notice me eating her asshole while she is sleeping and shitting? Reply Report

Lenox -9 points2024 days ago

Fake Reply Report