Failed Attempt To Needle Penis

I was attempting to put this very long needle thru the cock head, down the shaft and out the far side of the shaft. I was able to get thru the cock head but was unable to penetrate both sides of the shaft. The needle visiblably moved and could be felt as it went thru the various sections of the cock that it was able to...

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Rachel M

Rachel M +1 points731 days ago

I so want to be the one putting the needles in your cock and to fuck you afterwards Reply Report

nessbit   0 points743 days ago

Nice try...better luck next time. Reply Report

Andyboss   0 points744 days ago

Maybe the needle was a bit too thin Reply Report

lovelysue +1 points744 days ago

It was a 20 gauge needle...thats consider big (believe it or not) for needle play. The big 4 inch needle was 18 gauge and was a bitch getting thru the cock. The white 3 inch needle was a 16 gauge needle and went in easy as pie, only problem is finding them thou -( Reply Report

Andyboss   0 points735 days ago

So, when are you planning the next great surprise? Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points735 days ago

Maybe tomorrow the cockpump, like doing that, 6 needles all at once feels great Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points735 days ago

I have to figure out a way to get the long needle thru my cock, it tends to bend a lot, errr Reply Report

Andyboss   0 points734 days ago

You will probably have to use an even thicker one! Cant wait to see that.... Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points734 days ago

Finding longer, thicker needles is difficult -( Reply Report

chbrown   0 points407 days ago

awesome - made me hard Reply Report
Admirer 69

Admirer 69   0 points742 days ago

Love your cock, keep trying, you can not get it right every time but Im sure you will figure it out Reply Report
Wishfull Dottie

Wishfull Dottie   0 points712 days ago

Beautifull cock, wish my bf had one like yours Reply Report
Tracey in Texas

Tracey in Texas   0 points711 days ago

Your hard cock is very inviting and beautifull...hmmmnn Reply Report

Harry_v   0 points403 days ago

Beautiful want to do it to my cock Reply Report