Fire Cock Torture

With burning candles and needles this guy tortures his cock to his likings.

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o  #

o # +4 points1110 days ago

now shoot a vid of you going into the ER with that shit. Don't ask Doc, don't fucking ask... Reply Report

mrkntlr +2 points1190 days ago

was good till I saw your lizard cut dick, now so desentised it wouldn't know if you set it alight Reply Report
big dick lover (hates small dicks)

big dick lover (hates small dicks)   0 points143 days ago

that's a small dick Reply Report

Matchpop   0 points235 days ago

I have a matches fetish but I would strike them really hard making them POP hard under your cock running the flame up and down your shaft and under your cock head it feels warm and tickles a lot the smell of the matches as I strike them making them POP extra hard makes your cock throb and tickle harder faster then as I strike 5 matches atogether you cum Reply Report

Routing   0 points156 days ago

Das ist definitiv krank Reply Report