Slave Passes Out During Brutal Whipping.

Naked skinny lesbian slave is restrained and wearing blindfold. She receves a extreme brutal whipping from 3 dominant girlfriends until she's unconscious from the pain.

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okay... +15 points1073 days ago

Now this os an actual torture lol Reply Report

msmonique +10 points1060 days ago

Elite Pain vids are the BEST in the world - especially at full volume! :D Reply Report

BeMySub +8 points624 days ago

To all the people on here saying it's too much and she "really" wants them to stop....she has a safe always have one going into anything intense. She didn't use it. She passed out. She'll survive. Reply Report

slavelover +3 points327 days ago

@BeMySub there are slaves that have given up on safe words, because they do not want control. These are the people out at the extreme, but they do exist, and well, they are also great to use in movies, because they will not object, stop filming, and while they may want you to stop in one way, they do not want you to stop in the more important way. These people see themselves as owned because they want to be, and would frankly be mortified if you stopped for them. These are the people who have self objectified by choice, there are not a ton of them, but well, they get used to make a decent number of movies. Reply Report

Whothehellcares +6 points1071 days ago

This was some real fuckd up shit shorty basically was like, aw she passed out? Now she cant feel it Reply Report

Azzfucker +6 points1069 days ago

That is one of the best SM that I've seen here! Good job! Beat that ass! Reply Report

Proktat +5 points1062 days ago

I want the next part now Reply Report
debbie s

debbie s +4 points499 days ago

fantastic whipping I am a white woman who have let black men whip me senseless a few times sometimes the whippings continue I am stripped naked suspended with my feet off the floor love the bullwhip Reply Report
black whipper

black whipper +1 points193 days ago

@debbie s I want to give you a no mercy bullwhipping to teach you what it is like to be a slave 500 lashes with a bullwhip white woman then my black friends and I will torture you for a weekend Reply Report
casual torture

casual torture +3 points571 days ago

at about 2:30 you can hear someone laughing Reply Report
young prostitute

young prostitute +3 points997 days ago

I like all sorts of things, as a gangbang with 20 or 30 guys, but this would be too much for me. Reply Report

HitomiSub +2 points684 days ago

I'm sure I can't take this level of abuse but I would love to experience it. Reply Report
whip it

whip it +2 points683 days ago

ouh really? wanna try? Reply Report

Fuckherup +2 points1070 days ago

Should have kept beating her while she was passed out. Reply Report

explorer +12 points1057 days ago

That would be completely pointless, and in case you didn't notice, it does take it's toll on her physique, not something to play around with. They're right to stop and make sure she's okay and can stand another round.

P.S. Sometimes I'm astounded by the insensitivity and lack of understanding from some of the people who watch these videos - like the guy above, "okay...", who thinks it's funny ("lol"). If you want something to laugh at, go watch some stand up porn sketch, or better yet, make one! :)
Reply Report
Jonnie Kaye

Jonnie Kaye +2 points425 days ago

If she didn't crave and desire the pain, she wouldn't even be anywhere near all this! There's always a contract made out, read and signed. It wasn't that she was kidnapped for this! The level of her masochistic wants are way too much for some, but here she is, nonetheless, taking it as she has obviously agreed to! A supply and demand kinda shit! But hey, if anyone hates this shit, then don't watch! Reply Report
annoyed AF

annoyed AF +1 points302 days ago

@Jonnie Kaye How do you know that to be true? It's easy to say that, and yet where is the evidence.... that there was a contract... she was not kidnapped for it (happens everyday in every part of the world)... and that she obviously agreed to it. You are making a shit ton of assumptions. Reply Report

Disgusted +2 points270 days ago

That's brutal. You're sadistic assholes! Reply Report

Lesbiaaannn +1 points1068 days ago

Fuck!! Reply Report

CandiKane +1 points1050 days ago

I so want to be put in a video like this. Reply Report

Chubs666 +1 points641 days ago

Oh wow that was amazing! Just wish they'd shown it from before they'd started
Reply Report

frefd +1 points620 days ago

magnificent genuine sufferings !!!!!!! Reply Report

rick2420 +1 points506 days ago

by far my favorite,she is such a pain slut Reply Report

carly25f2 +1 points408 days ago

amazing and harsh, as a sub it made my pussy gush Reply Report

pascal123 +1 points318 days ago

Excellente correction pour cette pute de Renée CHEVALLEY(-Stümpges) de Chavannes-Renens, surtout les coups sur ses nichons. Reply Report

Professor32   0 points716 days ago

Unnecessarily EVIL and could only appeal to sick twisted maggots. I wish I had been able to slide in with my .45 Calbre handgun and 3 hollow point bullets. After I had kicked the crap out of them. Reply Report

Kosar +11 points706 days ago

And how bad does your cock stink Reply Report

jeffa13   0 points1070 days ago

why would anyone actually do this Reply Report

babybdsm12 +1 points1069 days ago

There can be good money in extreme fetish porn. Reply Report

podkabluchnik +10 points1070 days ago

Because it's exactly what she wants.... Reply Report

kaderlake   0 points398 days ago

Peitscht sie aus bis das Blut spritzt Reply Report
Jesus #2

Jesus #2   0 points299 days ago

This is a humanities style expressive video, and porn. Best one I've seen. Looks sort of like a D.O.D. interrogation to me lol. When she passes out is priceless. Reply Report
debbie s

debbie s   0 points193 days ago

I prefer 200 lashes with a real bullwhip reply and maybe we can get together I will be total naked Reply Report
debbie s

debbie s   0 points193 days ago

@debbie s reply if you want whip me I will take as many lashes as hard as you want to whip me as long as you want to Reply Report

thatsmessedup   0 points153 days ago

as much as you want to believe she has a say in when they stop beating her she doesn't, one of these days they ARE gonna kill someone but they will probably get away with it. keep ginving them views and they will keep doing it. Reply Report

dana   0 points155 days ago

this make my cock rock hard Reply Report

KingHenryVIII   0 points133 days ago

Humans are the worst Reply Report

jill9090   0 points114 days ago

who is she? i'd marry her Reply Report

Fuckedupworld -1 points840 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with this world Reply Report

Sickos -3 points682 days ago

Yep, Many people are total nutcases. Reply Report
Concerned human

Concerned human -1 points788 days ago

Humans, that's what is wrong. Reply Report

Kinkysick -1 points430 days ago

My girlfriend who is 21 years older than me started dating me after after we had a couple of kinky sex sessions, but left me after I accidentally scarred her for the rest of her life, she passed out pretty much the same way not only did I whip her continuously I burned her nipples and asshole with cigarette burns and cut the tip of tit with a razor but that wasn't what made her pass out, no she passed out when bit her clitoris hard and blood started to come out, chill out I have her teeth marks on my dick and my butt cheeks as well but I guess there's a limit to love, haven't found another girl who is into this stuff yet Reply Report
Pissed Off

Pissed Off -1 points217 days ago

Any asshole that could do this to someone should be shot between the eyes. Reply Report

Rebecca14 -1 points246 days ago

I wanna be hit like this Reply Report

licker101 -3 points1072 days ago

Lovely big pussy lips, I would love to suck on them.. Reply Report

explorer +5 points1057 days ago

She's a very beautiful girl altogether. Reply Report

Bolita -3 points667 days ago

And you're an asshole altogether Reply Report

KIDDwckd +2 points416 days ago

@Bolita And you're a salty fuck aren't ya? Reply Report

hardpainfan11 -3 points1069 days ago

The thing I like the most about this is that Elite Pain would constantly ignore or not even give women a safe word. When she's begging for it to stop, she's really begging for them to stop. No mercy is given to these women at all. Reply Report
Caroline J

Caroline J +16 points901 days ago

Yes. Elite Pain respect the capabilties of the models but this particular model worked with them several times and they knew they could give her a hard time with no mercy. They would be monitoring her condition but would ignore any of her pleas to stop.
I love that the genuinely sadistic female targetted her tits towards the end, as hard as she could, and the girl, being blindfolded, couldn't identify the telephone wire before she passed out.
I don't think they contined after the girl recovered, even though they said they would. A shame. It would have been hot if the girl was put back up, still blindfolded, and they contined to thrash her tits, ignoring her screams.
I love this video.
Reply Report

professor32 -9 points716 days ago

I survived WW2 and had to help with buning SS female Pigs like you before throwing the bones in to the Lime Pit. Pity you were left out Reply Report
Honest Guest

Honest Guest +1 points265 days ago

@professor32 LMFAO! What a bullshit artist! Sure you did! Fuck off! Reply Report

explorer +11 points1057 days ago

They don't give the slave a safe word? That sounds unlikely. I mean, they'd end up making fatal mistakes and get out of business. Law suits all over the place.

Yes, she's really begging for them to stop. But what we don't see is the long talk they have in advance of the shoot. The girl is not a first-timer, she knows what she's getting into, and She has told them something like "If I beg you to stop, don't listen to me. I may pass out, but if that happens, make sure I'm not in physical danger and then continue when I'm back and ready". This is how it is normally done and it has to be this way because otherwise they'd be running a criminal enterprise and - as I mentioned above - be put out of business, fast.
Reply Report
Proctor gold

Proctor gold -20 points931 days ago

Get a life asshole Reply Report

muja -3 points1058 days ago

Reply Report

explorer -3 points1057 days ago

I keep being redirected to a page that says I have to be logged in. Well guess what, I AM logged in. Guess I'll just have to log out and leave. Have fun, guys. Reply Report

explorer   0 points1057 days ago

Okay, I don't know what went wrong. I logged out and back in, and now things are working fine. Weird indeed, I was somewhat p*ssed at the prospect of not being able to watch anymore videos on Heavy-R. Something of a relief I must say. :) Reply Report
beynd humanity

beynd humanity -4 points1042 days ago

there will be no pleasure vidout sm1s will.....she really wants to stop this, this video is beyond humanity hw can they evn do this shit of being a human urself seriously Reply Report
I like it rough but not brutal

I like it rough but not brutal -5 points667 days ago

This is horrible! It's close to attempt of homicide! That you get when amateurs think they know to do wiping! Even if she agreed on this, and there are milion of reasons why she did that, thees persons should be prosecuted! Reply Report

Girasol93 -14 points1064 days ago

this kind of shit belongs in the deep web.... Reply Report
Color me gone

Color me gone   0 points250 days ago

@Girasol93 and you belong in the deep web Reply Report