Passed Out Girl Sexually Abused

Drunk girl laying passed out in bed will never know what really happened that night.

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Fag +49 points1780 days ago

40 secs? Gtfo fag Reply Report

gamer +22 points1573 days ago

am i the only one that hates it when a guy who is raping the chick in the set up porn scenes pull out. Its like "dude, you are fake raping her, make it at least a little more believable by cumming in her and showing the cum oozing out from her pussy after you just marked her hole as yours. Reply Report

cumdumpster +4 points1402 days ago

I hate it to! They should really make realistic ones like that Reply Report

disgusted +20 points1772 days ago

why do these idiots always pull out Reply Report

scum +9 points1780 days ago

pssh.. that bitch is just laying there with her eyes closed like a fuckin starfish Reply Report
That guy

That guy +4 points1777 days ago

Good strokes though Reply Report

Melissa +4 points1606 days ago

He's getting a free ride and can't even keep his dick hard loser Reply Report

jriebe1952 +4 points351 days ago

Her ass is so beautiful he should have raped her in the ass it is right there and she can’t stop him and he should have called his friends to come over so they could take part in this good thing. Reply Report

Melissa +2 points1619 days ago

This is not rape. I wish he came in her. Reply Report

Cumfilledwhore +5 points407 days ago

I've had this happen to me. I was barely conscious laying on a bed at a party and man after man after man stumbled in and used my mouth, pussy, and ass. By morning every whole was filled and my body was covered in sticky spunk. I loved every second. Reply Report

suzysusu   0 points203 days ago

Please make sure Doctors note proving Disease and Drug Free are documented even if condoms are used Dear. Reply Report

jriebe1952 +5 points351 days ago

I would like to have been one of the men who fucked you, I would rape you 3 or 4 times during the night just to make sure I spunked every hole at least once. I would like to discuss this with you in more detail. Reply Report

Cumfilledwhore   0 points111 days ago

I love my body being used against my will, I love when men only think about their own pleasure and just take what they want. It is their right as men to fuck me and my duty as a woman to give in. Reply Report

suzysusu   0 points203 days ago

Please have written consent by the female before Stepson had all of his teammates sign a written consent with me 1st. Reply Report

Iceberg +4 points1227 days ago

Exactly you don't pull out you cum inside and melissa I agree on that punk can't stay hard sad Reply Report

mmmm +1 points1278 days ago

That's a nice fat ass yummy Reply Report

Leesh   0 points1778 days ago

the full video is on here somewhere Reply Report

Iceberg   0 points1227 days ago

What's the name of the full video if you know the name of the full video comment the name of the full video or comment a link to it Leesh Reply Report

Pussyking210   0 points1600 days ago

Nice Reply Report

ThisIsFake   0 points289 days ago

Make some real shit Reply Report

suzysusu   0 points203 days ago

My Stepson had his 18 year old soccer team take turns inside me bare when I had taken a sleeping pill...I thought I was a prankster. Reply Report

ninja -2 points1749 days ago

I would get my wife drunk and passedout for him Reply Report