Necro Natzi Snuff Killing

Woman in the woods is taken by a Natzi sadist. He strangled her, cuts her open and eats parts of her dead body before fucking and abusing her lifeless body.

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olympus +7 points684 days ago

instead of cutting her open i would love to bite her nipples of while raping her and eat the nipples Reply Report

snuffxprod +5 points684 days ago

yes good idea!
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Jay Bones

Jay Bones +2 points683 days ago

Fake as fuck! 3 minutes I'll never get back, and I've seen better snuff films. The stop action and weird edits meant to make it look cool and crazy just made it annoying.

And WTF kind of NAZI symbol was that? Looked more like some Satanist devil worship shit to me.
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domgod93 +1 points683 days ago

You are right there my friend i saw no nazism just an Satan worship armband Reply Report

snuffxprod +1 points683 days ago

YES it's A symbol Satanist Reply Report

Thundernerd   0 points462 days ago

I love it. I'm a huge death metal fan and this is along the lines of some videos I've seen out there. I'm also a huge horror and gore movie fan so the effects, for me, fantastic. I have always appreciated the hand made effects over cgi. I'm old that way. Not old school, old. ha. Anyway, Bravo! Reply Report

Gussehul   0 points683 days ago

Is this real?
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snuffxprod +2 points683 days ago

I make vidéo and fx and fake blood Reply Report

goebels +1 points683 days ago

No Reply Report

domgod93   0 points683 days ago

Very nice :)
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Did you mean "Nazi"?

Did you mean "Nazi"?   0 points683 days ago

Poor spelling and grammar really kills my boner. Reply Report

snuffxprod   0 points683 days ago

it's the website it's not me! Reply Report

snuffxprod   0 points683 days ago

it's not nazi! it's a satanist the symbol is a pentagramm Reply Report

Satanswhore   0 points682 days ago

You're hot Reply Report

vickilidia   0 points668 days ago

Nice :v Reply Report

funbarbie   0 points396 days ago

idea of snuffing looks funny lol, but the making is professional Reply Report