Dead Girl Abused In Morgue

Girl is murdered in her home and gets brought to the morgue where she gets raped and abused by a necrophiliac.

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Nobody +49 points1018 days ago

Rigor mortis: In humans, it commences after about three to four hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates from approximately 24 hours after death. Reply Report

alexandria76 +10 points1012 days ago

This is my biggest fantasy. I would love to unearth a deceased female that recently died in her 20s-40s Reply Report
miss n

miss n +5 points834 days ago

This is like necro porn ASMR - so many triggers! Reply Report

senatorsclubman +4 points970 days ago

This is one hot naked dead girl. Love her body and pubic hair. However, the "doctor" should have spread the girl's butt cheeks and given her a thorough anal swabbing. Reply Report

Jackwills -3 points347 days ago

You should watch her other video on Xvideos, just type in timestop and look for the one called sister timestop. Man that was awesome, two hot bitches fucking each other. Wish i knew their names Reply Report

Bobbywinner +4 points339 days ago

Just like sex with a Jewish girl. Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you +2 points1020 days ago

How come the dead girl can breath, move, look at someone and is immune to rigor mortis? Reply Report
med personnel

med personnel   0 points25 days ago

I did not watch the entire video but, what you descrive could possibly be agonal breaths which are post-mortem.
As mentioned earlier, rigor mortis is very apparent but also lividity is highly apparent. You might be able to fake rigor mortis, but post-mortem lividity like displayed on her, not likely. Real deal here.
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alexandria76 +12 points1012 days ago

this is one of the better necro films out. Don't ruin it. At least the body isn't filled with ridiculous gaping bullet holes and ketchup Reply Report

Sillymonkey +2 points991 days ago

Just shut the F*** and enjoy. Reply Report
The watcher

The watcher +1 points29 days ago

Around 31:33 she blinks hehe Reply Report

aiscare   0 points1011 days ago

most annoying thing is 1:12min of opening credits - so i droppes the whole thing Reply Report

Dopey   0 points336 days ago

I can't play not one video. They say there all coded wrong
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Disappointment   0 points83 days ago

This really ruined my mood -.-. In real life if she was actually being struggled to death, she would be dead in a few seconds 1-2 minutes TOP (depending how strong the victim's neck is). This guy took him 6 fucking minutes to kill her and the rope thingy didnt even leave a mark on her neck. Make it look a bit more realistic next time -.- Reply Report
milk man

milk man -1 points458 days ago

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Ricky rick

Ricky rick -2 points654 days ago

Ir tool her almost like 5 minutes to die Reply Report
miss n.

miss n. -5 points834 days ago

This is like necro porn ASMR - so many triggers! Reply Report

predator -14 points1015 days ago

Female bodies were meant to be used. Reply Report