Piercing Cock

Four needles simultaneously buried themselves deep with a cock shaft after first going totally thru the cock head itself!!

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Guillottinequeen +26 points1173 days ago

Oh my gosh, Lovelysue....I haven't craved to posse a certain cock this much EVER. I'm willing to make it worth your while, please consider it! Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points1173 days ago

What are you actually requesting? Reply Report

AreYouDumb -8 points1172 days ago

She wants to cut your dick off dumbass Reply Report

Guillottinequeen +22 points1172 days ago

Some men desire a penectomy, I full fill their desire using a cock guillotine and provide medical....in return I video the "execution" and keep the severed cock to do with as I please Reply Report

xgrimm13x +2 points947 days ago

You can have my cock guillotinequeen Reply Report

Twotwo +17 points1163 days ago


Samsom3 +19 points1164 days ago

Dude, that would be so cool. I know lots of guys fantasy about things like that.....man I could watch that video all day long, your cock is a thing of beauty!! To see the blade going thru it , especially in a close up an slow motion would be the ultimate cbt video EVER. Reply Report

lovelysue +1 points1171 days ago

Send me a personal message, I would like to see what kind of offer you have in mind Reply Report

Giillottinequeen +2 points1171 days ago

Fantastic!!! Check your messages Reply Report

lovelysue +4 points1172 days ago

That's an interesting proposal..I will keep it in mind but I would also like the video of the execution if it were to occur Reply Report

ERdoc +2 points1172 days ago

Thats one heck of an offer, the medical is a huge expense. I would ask to see some of her other "executions" first if I were you Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points1171 days ago

Thanks for the advice Doc Reply Report
Want to see it

Want to see it +15 points1172 days ago

I would love to see it but then we couldn't watch your cock pump needle videos (new ones) Reply Report

Dismay +17 points1172 days ago

I agree...I would love to see the guillotine in action(slow motion would be awesome) but you are right...who is gonna put up more videos like these? Reply Report

Dickless +18 points1172 days ago

Wow..a guillotine video would be something for the ages, I would pay to see that one!!! Reply Report

Samathamiami +15 points1172 days ago

Im willing to suck your cock while its in the guillotine....the thought of it makes me wet, it would be so exciting Reply Report

Ladylove5 +8 points1158 days ago

Im with you on that...I would like to fuck him to an have his last load of cum inside me Reply Report

thisisgonnahurt   0 points396 days ago

@Ladylove5 you still up for something like this? im totally down Reply Report

Hornyinnewyork +9 points1172 days ago

Your cock is very beautifull, I would really like to suck you off and swallow your cum an the fuck you silly till you cum inside me...are you available? (New York) Reply Report

THANKS +9 points1172 days ago

Thank you lovelysue and MRcbt (for your comments on the other cock pump/needle video) It encouraged me to make my own cock pump with needles. I've used it both solo and with my girl. I LOVE it, thou i like it better when my girls on the pump. Getting needles is a pain thou Reply Report
Why isnt there any?

Why isnt there any? +9 points1135 days ago

How come there are no videos of a cock being severed by a guillotine? There are plenty of pictures of a cock awaiting the blade but none doing the act....you know it has to have been done before! Are those videos that exclusive? There are actual beheadings all over but thats not the same.....hell we wouldnt likely see this cock hitting the basket if he did it anyways Reply Report

Unsatisfiedwife +7 points1171 days ago

Thank you for making your unique videos...I find them very erotic. I visualize your cock ( its extemely beautifull when erect, I would love to have it for a nite) whenever Im with my husband. There are so many puny cocks out there...it seems that us all I ever found :-( Reply Report
Bbc owned

Bbc owned +7 points1159 days ago

Wouldnt mind seeing a black cock in the pump too....you would needle bigger needles thou Reply Report

Hungrygirl +6 points1168 days ago

Perhaps if she gets to cut it off she can make a nice dinner out of it, sauted is what I would do... Reply Report

Canibal +7 points1167 days ago

Heck since the cock is skewered already, it makes shish kabob a no brainer....I prefer the more solid meat of the shaft myself Reply Report

Pollyp +6 points1158 days ago

Good god...you are all sick but its turning me on. Gosh I wouldnt mind being there to watch the blade due its job Reply Report

Bjgirl22 +6 points1079 days ago

I would really like to give you the best blow job of your life....860-739-5403, looking forward to a huge load of cum to swallow Reply Report

Bisexualnobutifihavetoo +5 points1168 days ago

I can understand why that cock is being so sought after...Im straight but boy that is one beautiful cock..well defined an throbbing at the bit, if I had to do one that would be the one Reply Report

Sadistgirl +5 points1159 days ago

Briliant idea, cock torture at its finest..without even having to touch the victum Reply Report

madmickx +5 points1138 days ago

Personally, I hope Sue keeps his cock as it is indeed a beautiful specimen and his videos are some of the best on here. Just for curiosity, though, how much money are we talking about and where is the procedure carried out as I know some people who may be interested. Reply Report

nessbit +5 points1091 days ago

ooooo Fuck Ya.....nice big skewers going into that beautiful cock head. please make more:)
Reply Report

Cuckolds +4 points1172 days ago

What a turn on...me thinks I will try the same. I came in wifes pussy watching, she wants cockpump needles too Reply Report

Bjbunny +4 points1169 days ago

God dammm, thats a beautifull dick..how do I get to suck it dry? Reply Report

Hunterman12 +4 points1145 days ago

I wouldnt mind taking your cock as a trophy Reply Report

madmickx +4 points1137 days ago

Another belated thought on the matter of Guillotine Queen's offer:

When a penis has to be amputated for medical reasons (ie cancer) it is quite a complex procedure. The surgeon dissects the urethra away from the rest of the penis and re-routes it down through the abdomen to a new opening created in the perineum behind the scrotum.

If this is not done urination becomes a very inconvenient and messy procedure.
Reply Report

magnus- +3 points1173 days ago

don't think I will ever complain when I have to give a blood sample at the doctors.. Reply Report

Envy69 +3 points1154 days ago

Gosh I wish my boyfriend was that endowed :-( Reply Report

Nina1972 +3 points1066 days ago

Best cbt video ever, well done....you have a really beautifull cock, wish i could give you a blow job and fuck you silly Reply Report

Sharewithothers +3 points1051 days ago

Easily the best looking cock i have ever seen, you should consider farming yourself out for others to enjoy Reply Report

Dismay +2 points1166 days ago

Hey Lovelysue, can you share anything about the Guillottinequeens offer? Reply Report

Dickless +1 points1166 days ago

I wouldnt mind hearing about it too please Reply Report

lovelysue +11 points1166 days ago

The offer is well thought out and for alot of $$$. It actually takes about a week to go thru, from a physical beforehand to recovery. They..its a group..are in it for exclusive rights to the video, apparently there is a very lucrative market for this specific type of video. As for what happens, the cock is first put thru a device holding a elastractor open then inserted into a VERY real guilotine (a scaled down replica they purchased from Europe). Then you are coaxed into getting a hard on..you are given viagra to assist...by whatever means you wish. After getting as hard as possible, the elastractor is applied and the guillotine falls. They want cocks that are well defined and quite rigid for the videos, apparently mine fit the bill. You then have a 3 day hospital stay to look forward to Reply Report

Dinnertime +7 points1153 days ago

Wouldnt be surprised to see your cock being advertised for dinner at a restraurant..a Japanese guy had his cock an balls cut off an served them in a restraurant, he served them to 6 people at 800 bucks a plate, christ there is a market for everything Reply Report

Alwayswantedto +6 points1147 days ago

Its been a dream of mine, I would buy his whole cock and cherish every bite.....it looks delicious!!!! Reply Report

Hopeyoudo +8 points1163 days ago

It would be a great service to all those that enjoy extreme cbt if you went through with the execution...if its enough money to set you up,why not? Hoping you do it Reply Report

Blacklover +2 points1135 days ago

Hey where are the black cocks in these needle videos, be nice to see those shiny needles sliding effortfully deep into those HUGE dark pieces of lovely cock Reply Report
Auction anyone?

Auction anyone? +1 points1131 days ago

You could hold an auction an let the winner do what they please with your cock, that would be an interesting session of cbt..you are obviously up to anything Reply Report

Wishyouweremine +1 points1044 days ago

Most beautifull cock ever, would love ti make it mine...needles or not Reply Report

hulsman   0 points1172 days ago

What is this?! Reply Report
Hell no!

Hell no!   0 points1172 days ago

no...heeell no...wtf..NO! Reply Report

vickilidia   0 points1171 days ago

It hurt a lot? Reply Report