Virgin Girl Drugged And Fucked

Drugged girl with tight little pussy is raped while passed out. The guy cleaned her up after he was done, put back her clothes on and she never knew anything happened.

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Mr. E

Mr. E +20 points1162 days ago

hot video! a hard to find good sleep abuse video Reply Report

itsalwaysgood   0 points1107 days ago

Hmu Reply Report

Creampie101 +17 points1077 days ago

I want a turn right after he gets done with her! Except I would be cumming as deep inside her as I could possibly get! Reply Report
mr. chunks

mr. chunks +14 points1162 days ago

dude is fucking a sex doll Reply Report

Alexiss +7 points582 days ago

I would love to be raped like this then he fills me with his cum Reply Report

Someone2131 +5 points898 days ago

Should have came inside her would have been way more hot Reply Report

nubblenutz +4 points599 days ago

Let me get this straight. Dude rapes a virgin for a fairly long time... She then wakes up n has no idea.. Either he's packin a half eaten Tootsie roll... Or she ain't no virgin... No nope nada my fellow preverts... This is a clear case of the proverbial hot dog down the hallway lol.... Reply Report

Yassssss   0 points442 days ago

Love you!!!! Reply Report

LadyVanTassel +3 points952 days ago

Very hot. Nice sensual fucking that was probably enjoyed by both actors. My kind of porn. 'Sleep rape' videos are the best. Reply Report
PPeople are thick

PPeople are thick +2 points754 days ago

How thick is everyone it's a Fuking doll ffs Reply Report

Saralily +2 points852 days ago

Hot little fuck toy for that hard cock to sink in to. He should've pounded her pussy harder so she can wake up sore. So good. Reply Report

jprovocateur +2 points750 days ago

So sick of small thin dicks. Reply Report
rock hard 9 inch

rock hard 9 inch +1 points1043 days ago

that would be fun Reply Report
The big g

The big g +1 points951 days ago

Omg. Wish this could be me Reply Report

Flyingrhino +1 points512 days ago

It could be better Reply Report

Ghostraper   0 points764 days ago

H Reply Report

Kevlar   0 points1115 days ago

Nice porn site Reply Report

Meme   0 points1148 days ago

Lol Reply Report

mfoggen   0 points1001 days ago

Lucky bastard but by the wrong means. Reply Report

eze   0 points540 days ago

i gotta check Reply Report

Wastedmoth   0 points512 days ago

Incredible Reply Report

j52   0 points4 days ago

why does he jeck himself off , waste of a good drugged girl ,cum in her pussy or cum in her mouth .you can jerk off anytime! Reply Report
rape lover

rape lover -3 points1161 days ago

I love the music that's playing on the background Reply Report

no -4 points1162 days ago

sick fucks Reply Report

Rose -25 points1161 days ago

Until she finds the video and charges him for rape. How smart to record it and put it online himself incriminating himself. A woman, most especially one that was a virgin can feel the difference down there after a man's been inside her. Reply Report
Love \'em and leave.

Love \'em and leave. -3 points712 days ago

I fucked a girl when she was passed out drunk. She never knew a thing, because she such a slut. She had to get an abortion a few weeks later.

Sorry about that.
Reply Report
Your retarded

Your retarded +1 points765 days ago

It's a doll you fucking stupid peice of shit Reply Report