Guys drug girl and fuck her while passed out

Guys drug girl and fuck her while passed out, for promoting their website

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N.A.T.A.S +66 points2535 days ago

Chop their dicks off! Reply Report

Jen +36 points2290 days ago

id LOVE to be that chick! Reply Report
hory bitch

hory bitch +33 points2308 days ago

mmm please do this to me Reply Report
Horny guy

Horny guy   0 points994 days ago

Ill do it to u baby
Reply Report

Fistmeharder69 +1 points558 days ago

Always been a fantasy of mine Reply Report

leroy +5 points1956 days ago

I'll do you!!!! Reply Report
rape fantasies

rape fantasies +30 points2150 days ago

i can't believe all the girls commenting how hot this is. Where have girls like this been all my life? Reply Report

lasalle +9 points862 days ago

I feel the same way about guys talking about this. I've veen trying to get raped forever. Reply Report

Meinteil -2 points452 days ago

@lasalle I'll rape your pretty pussy until you can't help but cum. I'll fuck you so long you'll pass out and wake up again and Ill still be drilling into your fucking pussy. Your heart will be beating so fast and your senses will be heightened so much so that your body will experience the biggest orgasm you've ever had. You'll feel ashamed and turned on every time you think of me for the rest of your life. Is that what you want you dirty bitch?! Reply Report

thetoddfather -1 points459 days ago

@lasalle I'm your Huckleberry'
Reply Report

Rapelovergirl18 +22 points2211 days ago

Mmmmm this is hot. I want to get raped again. Reply Report

byforce30   0 points1211 days ago

Ill rape you anytime Reply Report

wendywilling +20 points2044 days ago

I really wish there was audio for this. It's so f-ing hot and my fingers just found their way to my cunt, but I wish I could hear them grunting and talking about her. Reply Report

dad +19 points2182 days ago

only thing bad there is it want my daughter at that party being a little fuck toy Reply Report

tibisa -1 points483 days ago

@dad ur daughter age? Reply Report

Ummm +19 points1894 days ago

I wish I fucking knew how to get hold of drugs that do this!! I wanna do this to my wife and have men come and go all night :) Reply Report

hurtgirl +15 points2115 days ago

im so wet from watching this. Reply Report

Guy +15 points2022 days ago

So wrong... and she's probaly traumatised for life... but SO fucking hot! Reply Report

me +14 points2442 days ago

lol good for them Reply Report

anne +13 points1988 days ago

not bad. wish there was audio and also see her pussy being pounded. Reply Report

toad +9 points1995 days ago

nice one guys awesome. wish we had seen her face and tits but brilliant Reply Report

makemecry +8 points2115 days ago

fucking hot Reply Report

Lolita +8 points1540 days ago

This got me so wet Reply Report

stupid_slut +7 points1723 days ago

I wish I had someone to rape my pussy hard until im crying and call me a dirrty whore and how im a useless slut while they fuck the hell out of my wet pussy
Reply Report

bbc -6 points1698 days ago

I will pound your pussy make you my fucking whore you want my black dick fucking cum slut Reply Report

HAHAHAH +7 points1622 days ago


Creampie101 +6 points1155 days ago

After these dudes are done with her and all leave I would love to be just walking through the house and find her laying there passed out with no panties on and cum leaking out of her! I would be sliding my cock right back inside her and fucking her like an animal until I pumped another load of cum deep inside her pussy too! Reply Report

luvaznkok +5 points2125 days ago

lucky bitch Reply Report
non member

non member +5 points2117 days ago

Best party game ever is get the drunk passed out girl pregnant. . U nut up inside her pull her pants back up and wait a month and watch the disgrace and shame come over them when they find out the are knocked up have no idea who the dad is or when they even got fucked lol who knows how many products of my seed are out in the world lol but I know I aint paying for them and it didnt ruin my life like the drunk passed out whores hahaha Reply Report

punkman -2 points1422 days ago

LOL oops! Reply Report

marry +3 points1483 days ago

i love to take sleeping pills then strip nude and put a blanket on my garage floor with door up i live on a bissy road i put a sine out free use me then i lie down and sleep and men and boys groups of guys stop and uses me take pics and film me getting used hard Reply Report

Fastandhard +7 points1421 days ago

I'd drug you myself, then I'd rape your slutty lifeless body over and over again filling all your holes with my cum, the when you wake up just in time for me to cum again, I'd shove my fingers in your mouth and tell you "scream all you want you little slut, it only makes me fuck harder" then I drug you again and continue raping you Reply Report

MykikisGatita55 -1 points1092 days ago

Hit me up I want you to use me Reply Report

Manyakol +4 points1431 days ago

Put a camera in your garage and put some of the videos here. Reply Report

dadlust +2 points338 days ago

I love that girls are commenting they want to be drugged and raped. I would get off hard if I saw my daughter in a vid like this Reply Report
Cherry loretta

Cherry loretta +1 points118 days ago

This may sound weird, but I’ve kinda always had a bit of a fantasy for either being raped or like drugged or something. I just want to experience being fucked while having no say in what happens to me. Does anybody know how I might live out this fantasy? My name is Loretta and I’m 19 btw Reply Report

gator58   0 points1144 days ago

Picture quality very bad and no sound Reply Report

plzfckme   0 points2138 days ago

I want my pussy raped and used lke this. So hot I cummed so hard watching this. I fuckedmy pussy on a bottle and sucked my big tits n my mouth till. Came so fjcking hard
Reply Report

ninja   0 points1833 days ago

Want to do my wife anyone Reply Report

punkman   0 points1422 days ago

LOL this is fucking hot. LMAO What she gets for being a stupid bitch. Reply Report
Pedo rapist

Pedo rapist   0 points1036 days ago

Love to been in on that.used to drug my daughters yummy Reply Report

retard   0 points440 days ago

She's unconscious and getting torn up, If you wanna be raped, you'd be real disappointed if you don't remember anything.. Fantasize over these guys receiving their karma. Reply Report

Joho   0 points207 days ago

Kill them unless she wanted to b fucked before Reply Report
holland Netherlands

holland Netherlands -1 points1380 days ago

When you rape someone in holland and get caught by the police you need to work 60 hours cleaning the Streets this is true Reply Report

dadlust   0 points338 days ago

@holland Netherlands That's it?? Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -1 points1247 days ago

Shitty quality video, no sound and resolution worse than rabbit ears on an old back and white portble set during a thundertorm with a tthousand jets passing over head.

Would be better if there was sound, better resolution and close ups of her little yellow snatch being opened up and the cum dripping out.
Reply Report

Martian -1 points197 days ago

Yes chop that mother fucker off Reply Report
Ho Shit Mink

Ho Shit Mink -2 points2153 days ago

Lazy cunt worked 48 straight hours they wanted to go to her debutante coming out party. Bitch fell asleep. This proper use of rude host. No soup for her just cum and piss. Reply Report

Spliff -2 points2121 days ago

Um the girl commenting about being the girl in the vid are guys, also the guys should get there docks cut but females, don't get drunk with niggas you don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N n Reply Report

wtf -2 points2076 days ago

this is on philippines,manyakol means pervert, and this happens alot there specially on Foreigners like americans and euro Reply Report

N.E.T.A.S ASOCIATION -2 points1384 days ago

I hope you never fall a prison, THESE DAMN WHY NOT NOTHING WILL PASS WELL.....THIS BODIES IN PIECES Reply Report

LucianTestical -3 points1332 days ago

lazy bitch should be in the kitchen.... not just lying around. Reply Report

frankw265 -7 points1797 days ago

Oh, dear. Reply Report