Reporter And Cameraman Shot Dead During A Live TV Report

Shooter films with GoPro camera how he approaches a live news broadcast and fires shots at the crew while they are recording, killing the cameraman and reporter.

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fkthisguy +9 points1273 days ago

Not sure I've ever felt such anger toward a person I didn't know. One of a kind douche Reply Report
Just more violence...

Just more violence... +4 points1272 days ago

Haha! It's so funny to see all those comments suddenly turn to tragedy when it's a white woman here in America and not some brown person anywhere else.
A tragedy??
This shit happens everywhere, all the time, and the people of Heavy R know it!
Yet suddenly, now it's a tragedy, now we feel sorry...
You people are a joke. Fuck all of you.
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meman81 +3 points1272 days ago

It´s funny how most of you people usually tell "funny" jokes about these graphic videos, but soon as some shit happens in your country... these videos are not so funny anymore and you all are like "this is so tragic, sad, R.I.P. etc.". Reply Report

jan68 +2 points568 days ago

A terrible shooter. But at least he used a Glock. Reply Report
Not Convinced

Not Convinced +2 points1267 days ago

Black man with a white hand. Seems legit. Reply Report

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII   0 points1185 days ago

Conspiracy !!
But yes that hand is white wtf.
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Old Goat

Old Goat +1 points710 days ago

Fake! A black man with caucasian coloured hands? That is false. More Obummer lets take whitey's guns away. Reply Report

starvethemedia +1 points1273 days ago

looked fake to me, shot her from pretty much point blank and she ran away? bullshit media trying to cause shock tactics Reply Report

ADMIN +1 points1271 days ago

The shooter was an ex-coworker. He knew where they were going to be due to a promo for the interview. He lived about 40 minutes away giving him enough time to get there before they would have left. Not sure why he did it, but the man was fired from the news station, and clearly he doesn't seem emotional stable. The shooter later shot himself in the car chase that followed some time after the shooting. Thank you for uploading this video as reading and hearing about the video is not the same as seeing it. Im surprised they didn't see him out of the corner of their eye. Reply Report

thatotherguy   0 points1273 days ago

The shooter was a coward. He guns down two ex-employees and then shoots himself out instead of in a gunfight with the authorities.
That's just my opinion
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Offthetopic   0 points1032 days ago

Funny how its just like a FPS video game, no kickback from the gun. This is just lame Reply Report
you know

you know -1 points1273 days ago

i find it hard to masturbate to that Reply Report

Rocco +2 points1272 days ago

I dont
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lifestarrn -2 points1273 days ago

This is such a tragedy... How sad is it when someone can't even go to work and do their jobs without being blown away by some disgruntled negroid... They say he is in critical condition but had I been his nurse I'd have just finished him off... BTW... Thank you pauluzzz for uploading this...keep up the good work!! Reply Report
fock with me and I will return the favor

fock with me and I will return the favor -3 points1273 days ago

hehe maybe the shooters job was shooting peopel just like soldiers ? Reply Report
No way

No way -2 points1273 days ago

That's no gopro! Reply Report

Mr.Showitall   0 points824 days ago

Seemed to be a shitty phone in his pocket. Reply Report

magavin -2 points1273 days ago

Come on America! It's time Reply Report

madtrex -2 points1273 days ago

Black guy shoots racist white reporter and camera man and he is a "bitter Black shooter" and they are " poor victims"
If White shooter shot racist black reporter and camera man then there would be no sympathy for the victims and white shooter would be seen as being provoked. That's America for you.
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The Motherfucker

The Motherfucker -6 points1273 days ago

Well since you're gonna continue to spit out your stereotypical bullshit, how about this. Its a typical black guy angry cause he got fired from his job, blames the white man, walking up to innocent bystanders and shoots at them reminiscent of a drive-by and with a Glock of all things, are you kidding me with this shit? REALLY!! he couldn't have mixed it up a little, like using a Mac10 or a Tech9 or and Uzi, for that added cinematic effect he was going for, like if it was out of one of he's favorite early 90's "gansta" flicks. Oh and where the hell is Al Sharpton now showing us how somehow this is the work of the white devil just trying to make an innocent black man, this pillar of the community, look like a killer. Reply Report

lin -3 points1273 days ago

What a basterd, but the chick looked likenothing happend to her, though.... at least should have tried to gun an officer down, more fun than killing innocent people. Reply Report

Kendig -4 points1273 days ago

WHAT flag are we going to blame this one on? Reply Report
Black lives DONT matter

Black lives DONT matter -4 points1273 days ago

What color was he? Reply Report
the real

the real -4 points1272 days ago

Give this man a medal Reply Report
Guns woooooo

Guns woooooo -4 points1100 days ago

This is why guns shouldn't be allowed, or at least on the streets.
I may not live in America, and my countries gun laws are so good, I've never seen a gun in real life on the streets, or even got a friend who's ever seen one. If I saw one, I'd call the police, let them do their job. The guy would either be dead, or behind bars in less than an hour of me making the call. Infact, if banning guns from the street were to happen, then it'd make the cops jobs a lot easier, for example (with current laws): Cop: Oh look there's a guy over there with a gun, even though I don't know if he's good or not, he has a right to be carrying that weapon. So I'll leave him be... New law: Cop: There's a guy over there with a gun, with these new gun laws, he's not allowed to carry that weapon. As such, I'll need to arrest him, or if needed take further measures.
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