Stripper Embarrassed About Small Dick

Slutty drunk girl having a blast with a stripper on stage and reveals his tiny dick.

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crysis633 +12 points1080 days ago

that an average sized dick, stupid title!!! Reply Report

Wtf +4 points1080 days ago

Heavy R wtf? I was expecting like 2 inches. He's is a little bigger then mine and mine is average?.. is anything below 9 inches small now? Okay well I didn't know that sorry. Please also let every other site know that 4.5 - 6.5 is not average anymore. It's classified as small Reply Report
At the end- 2nd guy

At the end- 2nd guy +4 points1079 days ago

Wow you guys need to watch till the end. The second guy Reply Report

something +3 points1080 days ago

the first one was average, but right at the end there was a second dude Reply Report
Ugly Truth

Ugly Truth +2 points1077 days ago

It's not that thier dicks are 'small' you loose sluts, it's just that she's not even pretty enough to make any of thier cocks rise. Reply Report

looooo +1 points196 days ago

it was the last guy Reply Report

hornblower +1 points593 days ago

OK, it's not huge, but it's what you do which counts, not how big you are. My 6" often leaves larger cocks in the shade when it cums to the number of cums it can manage. Reply Report

person   0 points1018 days ago

she must be a virgin if she thinks that is small, or shes never watched porn, many porn stars have that 6 inch plus sized dicks, and some pornstars are only 6 inches but are told to say 8 Reply Report

Claire -1 points1080 days ago

NO it aint lol bet you have a small dick too Reply Report

crysis633 +4 points1080 days ago

i have 6 inches, im just fine thank you. Reply Report

angelo212 -1 points1080 days ago

Once again, heavy-r making up titles for every video uploaded. Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -1 points1077 days ago

I thought steroids shrunk your balls not your dick! And being a male stripper with a micro cock is like owning a Ferrari and not knowing how to drive, or working in a candy store being a diabetic, working in a brewery but allergic to alcohol. I guess there is a God, I'm not as muscled as that loser, but compared to him I've got a huge cock! Reply Report