Strangling Realtor

While showing a house to a man this hot realtor gets strangled by him strangled in her business skirt and jacket.

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damn son where'd you find this

damn son where'd you find this   0 points1182 days ago

Woulda fondled those pantyhosed legs. Reply Report

Charon   0 points885 days ago

This chick is so awesomely gorgeous and well-endowed I would have
disrobed her completely and carried her up to bed where I could do
anything my imagination desires. She would not have been heard even if she did scream. Killer should not have put that band around her neck - her white, delicate neck looked fine without it.
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thesuffering33   0 points622 days ago

Wtf! Is this for real, funbarbie3? No gagging, no thrashing, no begging for her life. The whore never even gets fucked. Only the "doll collector" might enjoy this sick shit! Back to the drawing board babe. Lmao! Reply Report

Bloodlust   0 points883 days ago

That girl is the most beautiful I have ever seen with the most volup-
tous body ever. That killer is one lucky guy to get his hands on such a delicious dish. Should have taken off that ugly wool suit of hers and left her totally nude. Then he should have carried her to the bedroom upstairs and had fun with her awesome body and left it
there as a housewarming gift for the buyers of the house - or even
better a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. HoHoHo!!!
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Dr. Stranglelove

Dr. Stranglelove   0 points893 days ago

She is one drop dead (pardon the pun) beautiful victim. Also the quietest strangulaltion I ever saw. Everything re her anatomy is flawless from her pantyhosed legs to her soft lovely neck (who wouldn't want to squeeze that neck until she gives her last feeble gasp) to her beautiful wide open dead eyes witnessing her demise
yet seeing no more. Nope, she won't selling anymore real estate. Would have been perfect if he had stripped her nude and carried
her up to the bedroom. Why didn't he think of that? Still, awesome!
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Norman Bates

Norman Bates   0 points856 days ago

What kind of psycho are you? "Oh, just a regular ordinary psycho". No, sir you are singularly modest. That realtor was doing everything but selling the house - she was selling off her bodily wares like the slutty bitch and whore she was. You deserve a medal for killing her
and cleaning house, so to speak. One less of her type is cause for
rejoicing. Loved your tying the bow around her lovely white neck -
should have tightened it even more and left a big red mark on said
neck. Also should have taken off her clothes and let us see that
beautiful body slut though she was. Terrific kill, dude. Keep up the
great work cleaning up the planet.
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Dr. House

Dr. House   0 points863 days ago

I can only agree with the comment below about leaving that gorgeous
babe in the house totally nude for a housewarming or one of a kind
Christmas gift.. Maybe that's why killer tied the red cord around her
beautiful neck. And no she won;t be selling any more real estate because.she is real dead - duh! That slut had it coming.
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Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze   0 points819 days ago

Oh, yeah!!! Great kill to that deserving bitch. if it were me I would take off that ugly suit and play with her body to my heart's content. She would offer endless pleasure as a lovely, still silent corpse. Then i would buy a freezer and store her body it in in between plays
( hey, need a break sometime!) and then resume the fun.
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Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown   0 points745 days ago

That bitch deserved everything she got - a slow, painful death. Anyone would want to choke her squeezing her soft delicate neck and make her gasp in agony till she finally expires and becomes the loveliest corpse in history, still and silent just the thing to fondle and play with
as the need arises. Those beautiful brown eyes are stunning indeed,
frozen wide open in shock and horror as is her lovely mouth voicing
mute testimony at her demise, the tongue gagging out a wonderful touch. Yes, one cannot get enough of that slut and whore and wish she could be slain over and over.
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Homer 679

Homer 679   0 points616 days ago

The killer should have choked the slut to death with his bare hands and left a blood red imprint on her soft white delicate neck, crushed her neck and broken it in the process. Should have also taken off that ugly suit and let us see her in the nude and visualize playing and fondling her knockout body with her nice, smooth milky white skin, her tender flesh. After all, she is a glorious work of art as a still, silent corpse. But we should all be glad the whore is dead so mission accomplished. Reply Report
Santa\'s Helper

Santa\'s Helper   0 points553 days ago

Wouldn't have bought a house from that slut - her ugly suit was a total
turnoff. Killing the bitch by choking her lovely neck was exactly what she had coming to her but why not strip her down to her birthday suit and reveal all her luminous soft flesh? Damn, what a missed opportu- nity. Could have had lots of pleasure with her beautiful dead corpse.
In this case, killing her was not enough - got to have some fun, man!!!
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