Woman Strangled To Death

A woman tries to rip off a man but he wakes up to soon and takes revenge by strangling her to death and fuck her corpse.

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xtreme +8 points1386 days ago

why she take off her stockings, she deserves to be snuffed for this reason Reply Report

funbarbie3   0 points1386 days ago

he keeps my pantie hose on when he rapes me. he just puts a hole in the crotch and goes at it. both with his cock and his very sexy tongue. MMMMM!!! Reply Report

reddyformore +1 points1342 days ago

I just read your profile, Barbie... seems pretty cool. I think ANYTHING two or more consenting adults do is fine, and IF they choose to share it with others by making videos that's nobody's business but theirs and those who choose to watch it. Some narrow-minded folks might say these sort of fantasy videos may encourage certain deranged people to do the real thing, maybe even make "real" movies, but I think the reverse is true. If anything, acting out and sharing fantasies like this can provide a release for people who may have dark fantasies and possibly REDUCE the number of actual rape/murders that occur, NOT increase them. At any rate, they're fun to watch, as long as we know everyone's just acting. I think most of us would report them if we thought they were real.

You and Stacie keep on doin' your thing and sharing with the rest of us, please! We appreciate it.
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fucktard   0 points1068 days ago

shes breathing you can see it. make it real muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Reply Report

giber +4 points1252 days ago

Good video. That blonde whore got what she deserved. I wish he had beat the shit out of her before he strangled her, but any time a blonde gets done like that is a good time. Throw the useles piece in an incinerator. Reply Report
Devil Dog

Devil Dog +1 points673 days ago

Yes, that worthless slut certainly deserved to die. Her killer rightly made a meal of her, making her suffer in as much agony and pain as possible. Her soft, white delicate neck was worth choking the life out of ever so much more each second and her struggle was so worth watching - her final gasps were so worth the time it took to kill
the bitch. Her body was such an exquisite work of art one could play,
fondle and work on her forever, her soft, supple skin so inviting to the
touch. Her death stare was simply magnificent, her lovely eyes fixed
wide open in utter shock and horror at her well-deserved fate. And her mouth frozen in equally mute horror was also a wonder to behold, her tongue provocatively sticking out a great bonus. Congrats to our killer for ridding the world another worthless whore and may he continue his work unimpeded. That girl was so sexy, even more so in death and looks best that way. Welcome to Hell, bitch!!!
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docofbball19   0 points1325 days ago

I would so love to do one of these with Darcy Tyler....my gawd she is so hot. Reply Report

Christen   0 points280 days ago

I suppose he could always use the "she never told me to stop" defense! But seriously.. I think I these asphyxiation videos are horrible. I meant, the acting. Reply Report
Anonymmdndndkem ncous

Anonymmdndndkem ncous   0 points313 days ago

Did she really die? Reply Report
choker 101

choker 101   0 points473 days ago

He should have had more sense than to mess with her but he sure got his sweet revenge for her trying to rip him off. And such a beautiful young bitch to knock off he took advantage of the situation to the max.
What a lovely neck she had for him to choke her to death till her final
moments, with her suffering well-deserved and excruciating pain till the slut finally expires. One heck of a great kill - looks like he enjoyed
every second sending his victim on her way. She never looked better
than as a gloriously dead corpse.
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scarfface   0 points338 days ago

The blood red burn mark on that slut's lovely neck is testament to the
killer's success in ridding us of that blond bitch who was noting but a miserable piece of trash and garbage. And she had such exquisite flawlessly soft, white akin that to not fondle and caress her body would
have been a big mistake. But our killer took advantage of her gorgeous dead corpse to his heart's content. In the end there is no more beautiful sight than a dead useless bitch - she deserved to die and she did in spades!!!!!!!!!
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steveward3928   0 points301 days ago

love to see my wife raped......but not dead. Reply Report

steveward3928   0 points301 days ago

wife and i watch these, as i screw her. Reply Report