Bad Father's Day For Step Daughter

She is finally 18 and her step dad takes a kind of peculiar father's day present the wrong way and strangles and rapes her.

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Girlcrazy -4 points859 days ago

Wow! What a kill. Killer had some interruptions before he was able to
finally do in his very lovely victim. She of such soft, sweet, tender flesh and wondrous anatomy was a worthy target and so very sexy dead and in the nude. Her lovely dark eyes were fixed wide open in
shock and disbelief at her fate, and her soft, sweet neck was worth squeezing the life out of till she succumbed with her final gasp. Her
tongue sticking out was a nice touch as is the "rescuer's" taking advantage of some fun after the fact. I'm wondering if he killed his
wife too? She would be quite worthy as well.
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