Close Up Shitting

Great close up of shitting girl with gaping cunt.

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ShitLover +44 points1458 days ago

What a fucking turd that is. Reply Report

hornychick +11 points1272 days ago

My turd is massive and I would love a guy to Fuck me till I shit or to take the shit out of my ass with his hand Reply Report

shiteater_77   0 points310 days ago

I would love that you press your delicious butthole with your whole body weight onto my mouth, then you first make me inhale your sweet pretoilet gasses. And then finally you sweet puckerhole will start opening pressing a big delicious sausage out, straight into my mouth and you force me to chew and swallow all of it and lick you shiny and clean when you are done. If I don't swallow when you tell me to you just merciless start pressing harder and harder, until I only have two possibilities, follow your order and swallow, or suffocating on your bittersweet caviar.
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Bestest   0 points622 days ago

I would love to be able to take the shit out of your asshole with my hand and hold my finger on your clit while you poop and I help Reply Report

Illpoopforyou +3 points1041 days ago

I'm a sexy female Reply Report

Bestest +1 points622 days ago

Would love to have your poop Illpoopforyou. You could give it all to me however turns you on. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -2 points1241 days ago

I'd love to taste your poo, Hornychick! Have you ever pushed out something as magnificent as this? :) Reply Report

buttoman +10 points1459 days ago

I love seeing an open cunt ready for cock. Her arse is luscious too. Lovely. Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +7 points1458 days ago

I'd be in that open fanny like a rat up a drainpipe while she was shitting, then let her sit on my face so I could suck her arse clean. Reply Report

wanker +7 points1442 days ago

Loved this action movie, so clear you could almost taste the shit. Reply Report

filthylulu +2 points1131 days ago

Yes, the video is great quality. It's as if I was right there. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +7 points1452 days ago

Can you imagine the sense of relief after she had been for a poo? She must've been saving that up for at least 3 days!! :) Reply Report
The Ass Licker

The Ass Licker +6 points1458 days ago

I would lick that ass clean. Reply Report

filthylulu +1 points1131 days ago

I had noticed the little bit stuck to her ass when she stood up. I would have loved to lick her ass clean too! Reply Report

fetishist +5 points1437 days ago

Wow, now that's a big and creamy turd. Just good eating, waiting and pooping. Reply Report

fraz +5 points1457 days ago

What the fuck have you been eating? Tell Me, I wanna shit like that! The more the tastier! Reply Report

scatman54 +5 points1458 days ago

oh damm, sit on my face and do that Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -1 points1458 days ago

I agree! I would love to chew on that magnificent turd. I wouldn't need to eat again for at least a couple of days. :) Reply Report
That guy

That guy +4 points1457 days ago

I'd fuck her right in her pooper! Reply Report

kfor +4 points1458 days ago

best view ever would be awesome eat here pusy same time Reply Report

twistedbizkit +4 points1458 days ago

I love watching girls poop but I don't think I would want to be there in person I know thats fucked up but thats just me lol Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +4 points1457 days ago

You're telling me that you wouldn't want to be there to watch this girl have a poo like that? Yeah, right! :) Reply Report

Idk +6 points1457 days ago

It's just like me, i just like watching. Nor touching or things like this Reply Report

manatee +2 points1458 days ago

perfection/dont know if i have ever seen that thick/i would never get tired of hearing every morning/hey cum look at this as she sat on the toilet/and that pussy is so inviting Reply Report

Yes +2 points1458 days ago

Wish we could see her face. Wish we could see her play with that turd. Reply Report
Her name

Her name   0 points1458 days ago

She was "Model Skye" on JoyAngeles for ages, and now she's Mia Roxxx. Reply Report

fuckeroo +2 points1457 days ago

Mmmm! I liked the dribble of cunt cream at 1.40... she loves to shit for the camera! Reply Report

mrgideon +2 points1374 days ago

Does anyone know who this beauty is and where to find more of her? Reply Report

Igor66 +2 points1069 days ago

I wanna eat her shit Reply Report

cm +1 points1458 days ago

Holy fuckin shit!!! We need a clean up in isle 5. Reply Report
Holy shit

Holy shit   0 points1457 days ago

You can't spell aisle! Reply Report
The Real American Idiot

The Real American Idiot   0 points1456 days ago

Up yours. Reply Report
Holey Shit

Holey Shit -2 points1455 days ago

Come suck my bag - FUCKTARD!! Reply Report

arabstallion118 +1 points1458 days ago

want it on my chest n cock Reply Report

Al +1 points1371 days ago

mmm! eating your gold scat! mmm!! Reply Report

BigBlackPunisher +1 points1371 days ago

What was coming out her pussy? Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot -1 points1363 days ago

Don't know, but I would love to taste it, along with that magnificent looking turd! My stomach is rumbling. I'm SO hungry!! :) Reply Report

maryj27 +1 points1248 days ago

i want to stick it back inside her ass and fuck her with it.
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Jessica shit eater

Jessica shit eater +1 points1168 days ago

That's beautiful.I would love to eat that all down. Reply Report

sadde6 +1 points755 days ago

I'd have swallowed that monster as it came out of her shit-hole Reply Report

wyld1   0 points610 days ago

delcuios Reply Report

Amoji21   0 points544 days ago

Dam baby I wanna come Reply Report

Bestest   0 points495 days ago

Well Amoji21 wank and cum, she has all of the goods to turn you on and imaging having that shit and those holes to play with. Fucking blow your load Reply Report

turner1250   0 points1016 days ago

yess! that;s is a nice one! Reply Report

Bestest   0 points622 days ago

Now that is a fantastic shit and I'd love to help hold it while she pushes. A nice break away too. Love her fantastic open cunt and cunt juice as she ovbiously pushes the poop. Fucking soooooo horny and I now have cum everywhere. Reply Report

CassieConsumesCum   0 points607 days ago

I would eat that turn and lick vagina for dessert Reply Report

ericassfan   0 points555 days ago

SO fucking HOT!!! Reply Report

Ambika   0 points340 days ago

That happens to me when I have lot of beef. Real hard turds.Get super erotic feeling when they slip out through my poop hole. Reply Report

Jai -5 points1458 days ago

What is her pornstar what fuck her hard yum Reply Report
Psyche Doctor

Psyche Doctor -12 points1458 days ago

Criminal psychiatrists find that pedo's are very often 'scatters' as well.
Not hart to imagine really.
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