Shitting Girl

Blond girl saved her shit for two days and makes a very big turd.

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bigcumload +74 points1706 days ago

nice thick turd!love that she takes her time! Reply Report

non-member -14 points766 days ago

How many days did you waste to bring the likes to 62 by yourself. Reply Report

dirtyknickersprincess +25 points1701 days ago

beautiful i want to do this for a man Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -3 points1559 days ago

I've got the funniest 1st!! :) Reply Report

Rex   0 points1654 days ago

no harm, great fun. Reply Report

Pottyboy +1 points1654 days ago

Mmmm you can do it for me right in my mouth Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -1 points1654 days ago

Me too!! I promise I'll eat it all. Reply Report

hungryharry   0 points1653 days ago

Give it to me! Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -1 points1559 days ago

Dirtyknickersprincess can shit for us both!! Reply Report

scatloverxxx12   0 points1655 days ago

Do it got me (; Reply Report
girls and anal

girls and anal +10 points1653 days ago

Girls shit 3 inch thick turds but they say a dick is too big for anal sex? I love to put my dick straight in after the turd comes out, cock slides better... Reply Report
im a girl

im a girl +10 points1653 days ago

And I like anal and yes, girls have's big lose ass hole's. Reply Report

dirtyharry92 +9 points1706 days ago

I'm I love with her shit. Reply Report

Lord +8 points1702 days ago

I love it at the end when she stands up with shit in her ass Reply Report
Potty oy

Potty oy +8 points1654 days ago

What a lovely turd perfect for eating ... Mmmm dinner is served Reply Report

wee23 +8 points1441 days ago

I'll never forget when i was on holiday i saw a young girl like this doing a shit off the balcony! How will i not forget? because it landed on my friends head/face!! and she still continued to shit after.. Reply Report

ladida +6 points1653 days ago

what a waste of precious scat ! Who would not love to chew and swallow this gorgeous turd ? Reply Report

tehpole01 +6 points1515 days ago

wow i wish it was in one big piece of shit!!! Reply Report

shitlover01 +1 points818 days ago

tehpole come to my house and shit for me
Reply Report

js   0 points1474 days ago

I'd LOVE to eat yours, Beth!! Reply Report
whats wrong wid me?

whats wrong wid me? +5 points1654 days ago

dunno y but i find this shit really sexy and a turn on!! how shud i tell me girl to do this for me :( Reply Report

PoopDiet +5 points1654 days ago

Getting really hungry watching this vid, I WANT MORE!! Reply Report
Arse eater

Arse eater +5 points1648 days ago

Love to put my tongue on that hole as the shit starts, take a gulp then later, push my cock through the shit as it ooses out and into the wide asshole. Reply Report
karen nowell

karen nowell +5 points1247 days ago

I once fished out a turd of my sister karen,s out the toilet ,took it to my bedroom ,and licked it ,I was so turned on I ate it ,I came in my pants
Reply Report
Pubic Hairs

Pubic Hairs +6 points1172 days ago

Eating your sister's shit is so hot. I'm not surprised you came. One thing I like looking for are her pubic hair. Having some of her pussy hairs in your mouth - another great turn on next. next would be sucking her panties. Reply Report
Next time

Next time +3 points1173 days ago

Very hot. Next time take her scat and put it up your ass for a couple of days. You'll walk around turned on for days. Reply Report
good job

good job +4 points1653 days ago

looks like there would fit in a 20'' dildo :) Reply Report

Non-Member +4 points1654 days ago

Damn nice shit and a great ass! I'd fuck her right after that Reply Report

Circle +4 points1654 days ago

Wonderful, thick log Reply Report

sneakyfox +3 points1689 days ago

fantastic!!! Reply Report

Duncan +3 points1653 days ago

Quality video right here Reply Report
bone 1

bone 1 +3 points1574 days ago

damn i came this clip is fuckinn erotic look at her nize cute pussy yeah
Reply Report
brown dick

brown dick +3 points1576 days ago

Nice poop. Reply Report
Poo Eater

Poo Eater +3 points1538 days ago

I sooooo fucking want her to shit in my mouth :-)-- Reply Report

bgeorge3142uk +3 points1453 days ago

WOW What a fabulous thick hard turd this is just as I like them I LOVE to watch thick hard turds SLOWLY squeezing out of the poo hole since it allows me to masturbate and ejaculate several times in a row before she has finished I wish I had been there to eat and swallow this gorgeous juicy turd as it was coming out while she masturbated my throbbing cock till it ejaculated If she was MY girlfriend I would ask her to ALWAYS slowly shit ALL her gorgeous thick turds into my mouth for me to eat savour and swallow ALL her gorgeous turds Reply Report

me +2 points1654 days ago

I wanna fuck that ass
Reply Report

Gary +2 points1653 days ago

I guess she fells better now... Reply Report
So hot

So hot +2 points1653 days ago

love seeing girls take a shit ...wish I can eat some of it ...looked delicious! Reply Report
From Slovakia

From Slovakia +2 points1597 days ago

This is some nice piece of art! Reply Report

tehpole01 +2 points1200 days ago

im hungry for her shit!!!! Reply Report
i want

i want +2 points1172 days ago

I want to eat your shit Tehpole and pussy hairs Reply Report
Textured Shit

Textured Shit +2 points1173 days ago

Very textured and hard shit. The best kind for eating. I want her shit. Hi Karen ... love your sister story Reply Report

King +1 points1505 days ago

I wanna eat it all yumi. Reply Report

yes +1 points1253 days ago

sexy bodily function Reply Report
Dutch admirer

Dutch admirer +1 points846 days ago

The mere idea of being granted the privilege of humbly eating the precious load of this pretty girl's sweet ass reminds me of what I live for. Being a loyal ladies toilet. Being allowed to feast on a cute girl's bodily waste... savouring the divinely foul taste of it, feeling proud to be able to handle this with due respect, and ingesting the food that her feminine body has processed... Heaven Reply Report

sadde6 +1 points779 days ago

Iwant to eat that log Reply Report

smally   0 points866 days ago

Beautiful and jummy Reply Report

deli   0 points529 days ago

para darle por ese culito chocolatoso
Reply Report

Rex   0 points1654 days ago

what did she eat to have such constipation. Reply Report

teenhot23   0 points494 days ago

wow very long turd Reply Report

giala   0 points1475 days ago

I'd love to eat your shit!! Reply Report

justhuman   0 points1278 days ago

shit on me baby while i'm licking ur pussy then i will put cock in ur ass Reply Report
Balls Mahoney

Balls Mahoney   0 points508 days ago

Shit Reply Report

deli   0 points529 days ago

me lo como todo
Reply Report

chriscan   0 points1049 days ago

Seeing her slow shit made me cum in my pink laced panties. I would love to cup my mouth against her ass and just suck the shit out of her asshole. Reply Report
nice guy

nice guy   0 points655 days ago

ugly face Reply Report
Shit Lover

Shit Lover   0 points599 days ago

There's no picture of the Shit after it hits the floor. I always look forward to seeing the turds as they are lying there! Like, in my fantasies I can lean over & suck them into my mouth & gobble it all up like a real shit lover loves to do! Reply Report
Shit Lover

Shit Lover   0 points599 days ago

Although I feel compelled to add, I'd eat that Huge Turd while it's coming out of her pretty ass. I don't think I could hold back & resist jumping in there & gobbling that huge Shit Log up just as it's emerging from her asshole! What excitement & pleasure that would give me, not to mention completely satisfying my hunger pains! Reply Report
ed 10000

ed 10000   0 points586 days ago

I would love to make this hot babe pull that beautiful turd back into her ass around the 15 to 30 second time. I would do this for hours. Until she couldn't hold it in anymore. The it would be neat to see her pull up a white cotton pair of panties putting a beautiful smelly shit stain in them. Reply Report

Validus   0 points384 days ago

Fantastic pussy and ass! Imagine the clench on that tight O-ring of hers... Reply Report

scatlover50   0 points250 days ago

please le me be real by if you shit again such a big big turd..want smell it..want lick it..want fuck you while shitting.. wonderfull ass and butt...i love sperm............uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Reply Report

Barry3142uk   0 points216 days ago

what a fabulous turd This is just the type of turd that I most love to watch a beautiful girl shitting when I am masturbation. Seeing this type of turd slowly coming out make my cock become extra specially super hard and I become super excited and I ejaculate extra specially hard and often Fabulous. Reply Report

niggee   0 points101 days ago

rodwon peetal
Reply Report

Petros   0 points100 days ago

Load the poop hole with cum first to ease the constipation. Reply Report

meaw   0 points95 days ago

I was on Holiday in Spain, And a shit fell on me- all over my head and face!
As i looked up i could see this girls bare ass over the balcony.
She then turned around looked down and laughed. She must have been 20-25 and her bf was there videoing
Reply Report

Jaroslav   0 points53 days ago

Nothing is sweeter than a lovely girl pooping ! Reply Report

trololoeff -5 points1654 days ago

Пиздец бля захватывающее зрелище. И эти извращенцы ещё будут учить нас жизни? Reply Report
Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin +2 points1653 days ago

Trololoeff, we're gonna teach you how to eat shit in Siberia Reply Report

jumpers -13 points1659 days ago

"Mia rocks" doesn't "rocks"

those are not "rocks"
Reply Report
non member

non member -17 points1654 days ago

not a nice ass, and you must of stunk the bathroom out! Reply Report