Catching Cock With Mousetrap

OMG. This got to hurt so bad... Why?

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biggogsie +13 points1664 days ago

O,M,G you can feel the fear building before the trap snaps closed
To all those ladies who are men haters or men controls this has to be the video for you
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DocDoc +11 points1663 days ago

100% Fake......but funny. Reply Report
Martin Bowana

Martin Bowana +5 points1664 days ago

Maybe he was a mouse in his last life.
If he was a rat, he could have used a rat trap.
Those things will take a finger off.
Maybe we will see a future video where he will 'raise his game'.
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I. P. Freely

I. P. Freely +4 points1663 days ago

For my next trick I'll be sticking my cock in a meat grinder ... Reply Report

yo +3 points1664 days ago

lol fantastic more videos Reply Report
Anglo brit

Anglo brit +3 points1664 days ago

Weld a razor blade to it Reply Report

Raven +3 points1663 days ago

that psychotic...
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rocket launcher

rocket launcher +2 points1664 days ago

as the trap came down it looked like it had gone half in so a bit further it would of cut his cock clean in half why would someone do that Reply Report

Cuban +1 points1663 days ago

He should work in Guantanamo Reply Report

Cristine +1 points1662 days ago

hahahahaahahah omgggggg so fuckin funny! Reply Report

ren14   0 points1663 days ago

I threw up and cried at the same time. Reply Report

boog   0 points1660 days ago

That ain't his real cock he would pass out in pain damn it Reply Report

.   0 points1657 days ago

LEL Reply Report

giber   0 points1472 days ago

I don't mind a little ouch, but that was his real cock the guy must be out of his mind. Next time put his balls in the trap. Reply Report

ingomat   0 points1217 days ago

That's not how you catch cock Reply Report

bigone69   0 points313 days ago

idiot Reply Report

zippazone -1 points1663 days ago

as I said "some have special desires, this guy has special needs" yeh, I posted this on my own site, which of course I can't tell you here, but of course it's on my profile should you be a gay man who likes cock! Reply Report

Podkabluchnik   0 points1662 days ago

YES! I WILL BE THERE!!! Reply Report