Female Drug Dealer Punished.

Female drug dealer caught and punished by youth movement. Cavity search? I'm in!

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randallthrockmorton +39 points1482 days ago

Russians, Ukranians and Albanians should all be exterminated Reply Report

fak -8 points951 days ago

shut your mouth scum !!
закрой рот мразь!!
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russi di merda

russi di merda   0 points658 days ago

I hope that your mother will be killed by a big cock Reply Report
Bloke from England

Bloke from England +22 points1482 days ago

Russian boy sums up mentality of these fucking cowards Reply Report

blackhelopilot +15 points1482 days ago

I don't condone drug dealing, but this was wrong on sooo many levels. Reply Report

3628264819 +11 points1482 days ago

Kill those fucking bully's their not helping more like hurting and being assholes they need to b beaten till they shit through their mouths if I was there seeing that painful abuse I'll save her she's beautiful she just need guidance not pain wow seeing this video breaks my heart and feel rage against so called youth movement fuck them and in the future there kids will feel something far much worse than fire .
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ido12yogirlz +10 points1480 days ago

Not enough rape in this video. Reply Report

dude +8 points1482 days ago

bunch of bullys thats all Reply Report
Bloke from England

Bloke from England +8 points1482 days ago

Bunch of fucking cowards Reply Report

Tararache +7 points1482 days ago

what a shit country Reply Report

Murican +4 points1481 days ago

In American, .45 in their skull. Reply Report

d1ty +4 points1479 days ago

they showed their true colours.......... Reply Report

oO +4 points1210 days ago

NAZI people :( Reply Report

Ray +3 points1481 days ago

Young activists need to reevaluate their priorities Reply Report

Putin +3 points1480 days ago

Typical Russian faggots. Reply Report

Me +2 points1482 days ago

Fuck this shit guys Reply Report
Heil Hitler

Heil Hitler +2 points1482 days ago

Bolshevik scum. Reply Report
Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin +2 points1448 days ago

They are from FSB, russian federal police. Reply Report

NeXT +1 points1453 days ago

Next time undress en shave the bitch completly bald en feed her her own drugs, wait till she's high and drop hear in a back part of town. Reply Report

MaleKillerMonster   0 points159 days ago


Next Time you will be fucked by cows and strangled by my hands, you bastard. Your a Bad Person, a Drugdealer isnt a bad Person, you wants only punish people for feeling better in your live to see that persons who has bigger problems than you will lose the last of there live.

Your a Monster and i wanna Eat your face you Chauvinism Homophobic Nazi Scum
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wow, +1 points1379 days ago

you all have a big talk on these comments but if that was you or your sibling doing something as simple as selling drugs i bet you would have a change of heart around the time they lay her down for the 3rd layer of spray paint to the eyes.... frankly unless your rape or murder someone you dont deserve that and if you think different, maybe you deserve that.. Reply Report

Struth +1 points563 days ago

russian pussi boys Reply Report

Dirk   0 points1482 days ago

If she wasnt punished by gang rape..shaved head..n then made to walk nude home...then wasnt much of a punishment! Reply Report

.......   0 points1468 days ago

ah depends what drugs an well even then the idiots are the ones who get addicted ... this bullying behavior shouldnt happen if i came across it i would of pushed thier eyes in Reply Report

dropofvenom   0 points596 days ago

Fuck you, motherfuckers. I am also a trafficker in Uruguay but nobody knows idiots Reply Report

ScumbagKiller   0 points564 days ago

these scumbags need to be wiped from existance. Open their mouths and ram a spray paint can down their throats. Fucking loads that should have been swallowed. Reply Report

Алексей   0 points180 days ago

Ебанные пидорасы. В жопу засунуть баллончики таким активистам а жирную рыжую телку скормить свиньям. Reply Report

MaleKillerMonster   0 points159 days ago

Dirty Fucking Russian Nazis, this poor girl is just dealing drugs for beeing alive.
Death for all Chauvinistic and Homophobic People in Russia and all over the world.
This is the thing, why i only kill Males and without any Wappon, they must feel what they seeded
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MeMyselfandI -1 points1263 days ago

Russians are generally disgusting people... No heart.... No soul... No brain... No life... Nashi is another word for " I'd like to fuck my mother"... Reply Report
Da Roma

Da Roma -1 points1186 days ago

Monsters. I want kill you Reply Report

Tim -2 points1482 days ago

Perhaps she'll think twice about dealing in that area again all you bleeding hearts out there wouldn't think "poor girl" if she was pushing her crap onto your kids would you. Reply Report

Ray -1 points1481 days ago

Toxins in the lungs Reply Report
Oh yeh

Oh yeh -4 points1482 days ago

Haha stupid cunt deserved it Lol hope the bitch learned her lesson..dumb whore Reply Report
russian boy

russian boy -6 points1482 days ago

why don't they rape her?? Reply Report

MaleKillerMonster   0 points159 days ago

@russian boy

I will rape you, you little Nazi , i will fuck your Brain with my Penis, so i'll take a drillingmachine for a whole in your Head and then i'll fuck your brain with my penis and pissing in there and it will smell like rotten eggs.
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Hmm -6 points1457 days ago

Am surprised they let a dumb cunt like that live...why not off with her head while they are at it Lol Reply Report
I speak the truth

I speak the truth   0 points1187 days ago

Kill yourself Reply Report

Seriously?? -19 points1482 days ago

These comments man, she was selling DRUGS, what would you do if you caugth her? i would have beat her ass bloody Reply Report
Dirty Fucking people...

Dirty Fucking people... +1 points700 days ago

Your a fucking red neck bastard is what you are spray paint in the face over some coke please that human cruelty at its highest level you rat fucking bastard go fuck your neck beard cousins and move to that shit ass country called Russia bunch of fucking caveman racists, Reply Report