Brazilian street justice

A burglar was caught in the act by local villagers, and treated to a healthy dose of street justice

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The Lord Archbishop

The Lord Archbishop +2 points603 days ago

These are the people who call themselves Christians and this is their interpretation of Jesus's teachings. He who has not sinned; cast the first stone. Reply Report

xxxpolarisxxx +2 points1173 days ago

Toma vacil√£o. Reply Report
Mike Lane

Mike Lane +1 points481 days ago

So this is called "street justice"? There's no such thing. "Street murder"? Yes. "Street Taking the Law into Their Own Hands"? Yes. "Enjoying seeing a man ACCUSED of burglary get brutalized"? Yes. But "justice"? Not even close. But, hey, they wouldn't know justice if Lady Justice smacked them upside the head with a law book. Remember. "What goes around comes around." I can't wait for that to be true here. Reply Report