Cum On Sleeping Daughter

Horny dad jerking off while fantasizing about his sleeping princess when he cums in her face waking her up. He's got some explaining to do now.

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Viola Emdin

Viola Emdin +106 points1743 days ago

My brother does me so Reply Report
VIOLA EDMIN dream guy

VIOLA EDMIN dream guy -2 points623 days ago

if i was your stepbrother that is how id wake you up every morning with a BIG SMILE and a BIGGER NUT Reply Report

trouble +3 points891 days ago

I want to do you and your brother Reply Report

letmesee +6 points1636 days ago

Can I wank over you too? Shooting my cum all over your body with your brother and maybe a couple of other guys too? Reply Report
big cock master

big cock master   0 points460 days ago

me as well Reply Report

Molololo   0 points600 days ago

I'm down Reply Report

hippiegirl +6 points855 days ago

Yes please!!! Reply Report

Creampie101 +56 points1052 days ago

It looks like the only reason she woke up is because he shot it in her face. He should have put the camera down by her ass and pulled her panties over and wanked until he was about to cum and just stuck the head of his dick inside her pussy just enough that his cum would go inside her and we could see the pulses of his dick with each squirt of cum then after he came just pull it out and slide her panties back leaving her laying there with her pussy filled with cum! Reply Report

verimus +4 points511 days ago

Riiiigggghhhttt. So getting cum I'm her face wakes her up but having a dick tip inside her doesn't..... that seems logical Reply Report

ahornygirl +23 points1738 days ago

Where can i find more of them? Reply Report
My house

My house -3 points1222 days ago

520. 940 2658 Reply Report

letmesee +6 points1636 days ago

Viola does your brother have any videos of him shooting cum all over your face? Or any other parts of your body? I would love to wank watching that Reply Report

lunar +5 points1013 days ago

I wish my daddy would have treated me like that... Reply Report

verimus +1 points511 days ago

But you're a dude Reply Report

dad +3 points1726 days ago

Wen can mine have a sleep over Reply Report

Member +2 points1739 days ago

"Daughter" Reply Report
Lena 11

Lena 11 +6 points1726 days ago

I hope for it. Reply Report

nope. +2 points1739 days ago

not daughter idiot it's his sis or gf there are more videos of them and they are really young looking Reply Report

verimus +1 points511 days ago

Where are the videos? She's cute. What search terms? Reply Report

More? -5 points1699 days ago

The Reply Report
Hippie girl

Hippie girl +2 points828 days ago

So hot Reply Report
non member hiedi

non member hiedi +2 points742 days ago

that was nice i did that to my sister once she was not happy lol Reply Report

skrub   0 points681 days ago

how tf did u accomplish that Reply Report
BS Title

BS Title +1 points967 days ago

clearly not his daughter, and the fact that her hands were tied, she does look young and clearly marketed to sick people who enjoy incest. If this was real it have been taken down by now Reply Report

ingomat +1 points294 days ago

Best way to wake 'em up Reply Report

geordiekev1uk   0 points1186 days ago

Wonder what he reason was lol Reply Report

Meme_king   0 points660 days ago

Part 2 Reply Report
pls more

pls more   0 points693 days ago

Come one please get more of her or videos like this but mabye a closeup of an ass!Please we love this! Reply Report

verimus   0 points511 days ago

Fake fake fake Reply Report

Anon197409   0 points584 days ago

Wtf I think he's actually holding that chick up, her hands are tied. That's creepy af.
Reply Report

jackin   0 points546 days ago

I do that to my niece. Reply Report
big cock master

big cock master +1 points460 days ago

can i see videos of you fucking your niece. maybe i can help you fuck her real good sometime Reply Report

verimus   0 points511 days ago

I would love to be your personal escort to he'll you twisted fuck Reply Report
Stephen LeMoignan, Poole, Dorset

Stephen LeMoignan, Poole, Dorset   0 points231 days ago

I used to do this to my cousin.. `Never knew lol Reply Report

Me -1 points1744 days ago

did she ever wake up?
Reply Report

satan   0 points1580 days ago

Stupid fuck! how dumb r u? Reply Report
dirty disco

dirty disco -3 points1559 days ago

Yummy can I be his friend and help 520 940 2658 Reply Report
bob f

bob f -4 points1644 days ago

i shoot my sperm into lies pantie gusset oh oh ohhhh julie im cumming in your panties now ohhhhh julie i love to shoot my sperm into your lingerie i do it all the time then i put them back for you to wear again ohhhhhh julie this turns me on so fucking much Reply Report
That's his fucking gf bitch

That's his fucking gf bitch -9 points1739 days ago

Who's the bitch who labelled this as his daughter? Reply Report
Fuck the poLICE

Fuck the poLICE -9 points1563 days ago

Somebody should call the pig poLICE and say this guy's molesting his little girl.
Ah the cops would probably just hang up on you anyway...
Reply Report