Dad installed spycam on his step daughters room

Dirty dad captures his horny teenaged step daugher humping her pillow.

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diddely +38 points2365 days ago

from this day on i wanna be a pillow Reply Report

Bater +11 points1458 days ago

After stroking his dick to this, I bet her daddy gets horny every time he gets near her. Reply Report

Father +11 points1060 days ago

I walked in on my daughter doing this and now I fuck her. Reply Report

Jamie +9 points1973 days ago

I used to do this but I'm a dude, it was the very first orgasm I ever had. think I was like 11-12 could have been 10 I don't know. was reading a streetfighter *Bike* magazine anyway it had some titties in there :P start doing what this girl is doing but not with a pillow. maybe later on I used a pillow but that one time I Just rubbed my dick off the floor.. and by god did it feel good I didnt know wtf was going on just that it was getting more and more intense then bam.. lost control and cam in my pants I thought oh shir! I just done pissed myself :o later on I found out it wasnt piss this was another type of liquid? changed underwear had a shower.. next day did the same thing. I tried this last week. for the first time in a longgggg time. since when I first started and I'm telling you. its still good! Btw I aint some old pedo writing this I'm 19. just thought this was strangely like my first time Lol Reply Report

pantera +8 points2540 days ago

WOW!!! what a fucking hot girl !!! Reply Report

wtf +6 points1964 days ago

call the cops ....its pillow rape ! Reply Report

Creampie101 +6 points720 days ago

If she was my step daughter and I had this video I would definitely let her catch me watching it and pumping my cock! I think she would get turned on and come over to me and take my dick from me and use it however she wanted to. If she happened to slide it into her pussy and fuck it I would blow my load deep inside her and not even tell her. Reply Report

thedude +5 points1426 days ago

and mom wonders why the pillowcases are always stained... Reply Report
better than you

better than you +1 points1135 days ago

She was going hardcore there for a minute
Reply Report

Jamie +3 points1973 days ago

If your a dude and want to do this. heres some advice. do not do it when your fully erect. it will hurt. I'm 6.5-7inches and having that thing hard and rubbing against shit can rough you up. LOL Reply Report
Girls be like

Girls be like +3 points762 days ago

Do girls really act like that when no one is looking? Reply Report

bblz +1 points509 days ago

I do ;) Reply Report
You'd be surprised

You'd be surprised   0 points759 days ago

I didn't even think I fully understand what masterbation was when I started fucking my pillow. At the time all I knew was that it felt damn good and I was gonna do it every chance I got Reply Report

bangayo +2 points2545 days ago

I think she is in heat ^^ Reply Report

pillowbaby   0 points1763 days ago

I hump my pillow every day. I love when im being watched. Sometimes I let him fuck my asshole while I hump. It feels soooo fucking good.
Reply Report

toad   0 points1699 days ago

i would threaten to show her mates if she didnt let me fuck that cute ass. She look like she needs cock Reply Report

dirtydaddy469   0 points511 days ago

She needs some cock Reply Report

daddy   0 points762 days ago

If I heard my daughter doing this, or if I did catch this on spy cam, my logic would be, if she needs a man this bad, and I'm outside her door masturbating already anyway, then maybe if I open the door or if it's locked just knock, but either way just let her know her dad is here if she needs him. Reply Report

smoothpussykate   0 points161 days ago

Used to love humping my pillow when I was very young, soon found it was better to do it with panties on as the pillow often got messy, used to love humping the arm of the sofa too, just the right hight, loved doing that after comming home from school. Reply Report