Cock Biting

White slut bites the head of fat black cock hard.

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Black Truth

Black Truth +23 points1723 days ago

This is super hot, no BS on this post I actually like this a lot. =D Reply Report

mmmh +2 points1723 days ago

nnnooe D: Reply Report

su1c1d3 +1 points1703 days ago

i would love this & damn she's hot Reply Report

Milflover +1 points1067 days ago

he has the perfect huge mouth to devour any meat and her fangs are big and sharp so the pleasure when she slowly crunches her prey must be immense!!! I wish I could have my cock chewed from this carnivore!!! Reply Report

caribu +1 points1067 days ago

You are right man, she is made for the job, wish we could see some more ball biting and huge sperm bath from that horny bitch! Reply Report

Dissent   0 points1723 days ago

It was sexy until that idiot spoke. Reply Report

thatcrazyguy -2 points1704 days ago

Yeah its a guy Reply Report

Nelmo   0 points1722 days ago

The guy sounds like black elmo Reply Report

looking4CBT   0 points1490 days ago

WOW! Me next...PLEASE!!! Reply Report
Hot Dog

Hot Dog   0 points1510 days ago

the dog at 4:21 want's to try mamma's chew toy. Reply Report
UZIN¤¤µ¤ @ NNF

UZIN¤¤µ¤ @ NNF   0 points1600 days ago

insecure much .... when guys like you ( regardless of race ) say shit like that it only state's you don't get pussy at all

Reply Report
Love Teeth

Love Teeth   0 points1267 days ago

Now, she's good Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points706 days ago

i want mine bitten Reply Report

looking4CBT   0 points326 days ago

If I could find a woman to do that for me, I'll bet I'd be HARD!!! Reply Report

crazy -1 points1712 days ago

more dumb ass shit aka torture? Reply Report
Joanne Nikita

Joanne Nikita -1 points1695 days ago

I did this too a certain rock star who is now in jail. Reply Report

Hadriaaaan   0 points1354 days ago

Ian Watkins? Reply Report

themaster -2 points1723 days ago

no blood so she dint bite hard enough. Reply Report

NNF -20 points1704 days ago

Nasty Nigger Fucker! There should be a law, every female that humps a monkey should be branded on their forehead so we know which ones to kill! The only thing worse than a Nigger is a Nigger fucker!8p Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +5 points1703 days ago

i take it your mother,sister and wife have brands on their foreheads NNF?? Reply Report

Onlyteens -5 points1703 days ago

Better we kill all russain now Reply Report

blackgarbage   0 points1703 days ago

Yes yes yes Reply Report

as -1 points1704 days ago

omg u racist.... get a life.... or get a cancer better. Reply Report