Big Black Cock Rips Her Anus

Fucking in the ass has never been so painful.

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AutoeroticAsphyxiation +51 points2346 days ago

where did she get those leg warmers Reply Report

Idk -4 points1360 days ago

They are socks, not leg warmers Reply Report

dude +12 points2343 days ago

wish that was my asshole Reply Report
really -.-

really -.- +12 points1778 days ago

if she was ametuer she should have bled from his cock Reply Report

woot +11 points2343 days ago

i like the way she tries to stop him and he keeps going Reply Report
killa cali.

killa cali. +6 points2341 days ago

ass rape her harder Reply Report

StomachFucker +5 points1842 days ago

That's right - giv her all that huge cock up her guts and make sure she feels it smashing againgst her delicate little stomach organ. Pound that softtender stomach and mke it hurt like she has never felt in the stomach before. Give her the worst stomachache of her young life with that big blck stomach fukin' cock. Girls love it when the cock is so big and so deep in the ass that it hurts in the stomach like having a baseball bat rammed up their stomach from outside Nut is better when its big cock inside hurting them in the stomach! You go nigga! Poiund that stomach organ until it orgasms up its contents all over you! Reply Report

dad +2 points1352 days ago

Hopefully my daughter gets the same done to her little young ass she's going to love it Reply Report
Oh my

Oh my +4 points2341 days ago

Seems pretty fake to me. She whines like hell yet just lies there and doesn't do anything about it... Reply Report

SHE DUMB +1 points1978 days ago

Reply Report

Catnip +1 points464 days ago

That's one kinky bitch Reply Report
any nonemus

any nonemus   0 points1585 days ago

Yea there are parts when shes getting plowed half way through and it looks like they are playing around and laughing whispering stuff to as much as this could be a legit rape caught on film....i have serious doubts like some of you do.....i think she is being paid to cry LOL Reply Report

gjh   0 points1423 days ago

dafuq Reply Report
toads sister

toads sister -2 points1692 days ago

i so wanna fuck black guys. But want bigger cock than that. But toad says i must wait for my 16th birthday.......Its so far away. He is cruel to little me. Black cock mmmm yummy Reply Report

xxx -3 points2096 days ago

Yeah crack ill make you do some curazy shit. Like take a aids stick up ur ass. Reply Report
Dick masta

Dick masta -3 points1621 days ago

I remeber doing this
Reply Report

Dragonfodder -7 points1379 days ago

At least the girls in my school knew that I was bigger than any black guy they could find, and the plus was they knew the only disease I could inflict on them was an insanely stretched out pussy. Reply Report

herpes -1 points1092 days ago

Or they knew you would give them herpes white people stay having herpes and the clap and fleas because white people smell like wet dogs Reply Report

Heather +1 points1138 days ago

How big is your dick ? Reply Report

lame -11 points2320 days ago

congrats retarded hoe now youre full of aids for letting that nigga fuck you Reply Report

iTelltheTruth   0 points20 days ago

@lame Lol. Typical comment from an insecure white male. Reply Report

Anonymous -31 points1923 days ago

how can you people get turned on by stuff like this???!!! this is probably real rape on camera just like how that pornstar is raising awareness of what really goes on behind Porn Set. videos like these should be taken down this is not a hot video at all and btw I will report this video to the headquarters Reply Report