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Great snuff fantasy where 4 girls get killed by strangulation.

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boy +53 points2128 days ago

that´s no snuff fantasy - that´s only 100% bullshit - very bad actor....rofl Reply Report

snuffurgaydad   0 points1276 days ago

That is DEFINITELY 100% bullshit or dogshit, which is the signature of all fantasy snuff films. If you want to see real murders, there may be some really sick fucked up places on the net which has it. You definitely need therapy. Or, better still go snuff yourself & your gay fucked up adopted dad. Reply Report

Dolfan +18 points2001 days ago

I don't get that people watch this and then complain either that it's sick (why did you just watch a snuff fake? Idiots) or that it's fake; firstly, who decides to watch this if they're liable to be offended? The clue's in the description. Secondly, you really want to watch genuine murders? THAT's the hallmark of a sickfuck, not the one who made this a a piece of safe consensual entertainment. It's a mystery to me; what makes this more offensive than a slasher movie? The full nudity or the lack of a plot? Really. Reply Report

rapelover +13 points1883 days ago

he could have raped them first Reply Report

Simman +10 points2105 days ago

I know it's fake but I fucking LOVE THIS!! It's not realistic for several reasons and he acting could be better (girls could be hotter too) but it just makes my heart race!! It's just WOW!! It's all fantasy to me but it's an enormous turnon! Reply Report

Rena +10 points1847 days ago

Why do so many idiots continuously say that its fake? Seriously, everyone fucking knows its fake! You don't have to say it! Fake, fake, fake. 99% of the comments posted on Snuff Vids, and/or other video's have people saying the exact same fucking thing over and over again. In my opinion, say something else that doesn't state the obvious. Reply Report

Ted   0 points1522 days ago

My astute original observation is.....its fake! lol Reply Report

snufflover +8 points2059 days ago

Very nice snuff fantasy video. even the acting is poor i love it. Reply Report

beedee241 +8 points1980 days ago

At least he saved the prettiest for last! Reply Report

sd3den +7 points2117 days ago

what do you want it to be real? lol Reply Report

Necrobabe +7 points1652 days ago

This is NECROBABES!! Reply Report

theripper +7 points1582 days ago

Nice! Reply Report

anna +6 points1994 days ago

like is Reply Report

Nice +2 points1996 days ago

Really fake butttttt nice tits
Reply Report

john +2 points1739 days ago

what a waste of 4 perfectly good cunts Reply Report

member3 +2 points1720 days ago

the second "dying" girl looks as if she is witnessing a Justin Beiber video Reply Report

vastevavalforic +1 points2090 days ago

The first one looks like one of the girls from the stabbing vids lol Reply Report
Non member 61

Non member 61 +1 points2071 days ago

I recognise the strangler as the one who roasts his girl like a pig after slicing her open. In other words a man who has a fetish for naked girls and killing them for his own ratification Reply Report

member1 +1 points1720 days ago

the first "dying" girl looks like I do when eating a bad burrito
Reply Report

jannybh +1 points1712 days ago

frst one was most prettiest, blond slt most necessary Reply Report

titi5964 +1 points1438 days ago

j aurais aimé les tuées et me suicidé ensuite
Reply Report

Fake +1 points1396 days ago

3:23 the one of the left turns her head!

Reply Report

chopper +1 points1365 days ago

wow, none were breathing so he's a cereal killer and ruthless. Reply Report
snuff lover

snuff lover +1 points1327 days ago

Would rape the hell out of all of them Reply Report

XxBodyThiefxX +1 points569 days ago

Jeez, they could at least PRETEND...?! So bad it wasn't even FUNNY............. 8( Reply Report

enforcer +1 points413 days ago

Who made this video, and where can I watch more like it? Reply Report

mario-sun11 +1 points146 days ago

Reply Report

iii   0 points2123 days ago

hello, it even says it's fake you fucking egit Reply Report

Folgore   0 points2104 days ago

What? Malignous * - * ; Reply Report
tu papa

tu papa   0 points2075 days ago

esta bien chafa Reply Report

clammy   0 points2080 days ago

that was funny. Reply Report
Dawid Yisrael

Dawid Yisrael   0 points2010 days ago

kwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw........better I fuck them all man??????????? Reply Report

member4   0 points1720 days ago

the 3rd girl looks like one of my koi fish begging for seafood. Reply Report

GFR   0 points1077 days ago


TurnedOnbutDisappointed   0 points752 days ago

We all know it's fake (awesome no one really wants to watch a murder take place) but the complaints are because they put no effort into it. Who cares it's just porn is what people say but I say well why can't porn have effort put into it. Maybe if porn films showed some pride and effort, they wouldn't be looked down on. Reply Report
Fehmeed mehmoood

Fehmeed mehmoood   0 points941 days ago

Very nice...... Reply Report
John D

John D   0 points350 days ago

Looking for an available and willing female to murder us by strangulation after we are video recorded making love. We must also be video recorded being murdered by strangulation. If interested then send an email to suicide.pact at aol dot com Reply Report

enforcer   0 points183 days ago

Where can I see more like this? Reply Report

americaFirst   0 points145 days ago

Reply Report

Mikeyt765   0 points45 days ago

Reply Report

iranmaiden -1 points1707 days ago

jajajajaj mas fingido Reply Report

snuffurdad -1 points1276 days ago

That is DEFINITELY 100% bullshit or dogshit, which is the signature of all fantasy snuff films. If you want to see real murders, there may be some really sick fucked up places on the net which has it. You definitely need therapy. Or, better still go snuff yourself & your gay fucked up adopted dad.

Reply Report

jokys -2 points1988 days ago

eso es mas falso que la virginidad de tu hermana Reply Report

Joe -3 points2039 days ago

The wannabe murderer fantasy. Wants to kill but hasn't got the guts and puts fake bullshit out. Reply Report

jj -5 points1579 days ago

too funny Reply Report

Um -6 points1984 days ago

This is sooo horrible Reply Report

knucklehead -6 points1561 days ago

He should had used a magic wand on them,it's as fake as three dollar bill. Reply Report

geldart -6 points1571 days ago

total & utter crap Reply Report

hello -7 points2123 days ago

juste one word FAKE !! Reply Report

john -8 points1940 days ago

fake Reply Report
no shit, genius

no shit, genius   0 points974 days ago

do you want a cookie for stating the obvious? Did you really think you could find real snuff on a sex video site? Reply Report