Hard Whipping Punishment

Angry guy seeks for a quiet place outside to give his girlfriend the hardest ass whipping punishment I've ever seen. One thing is for sure; the bitch will never lie to him again!

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amy +85 points1292 days ago

I am 19 and have pledged my commitment to submit to any and all punishments deemed necessary by my boyfriend. Whenever I displease him in any way, he is entitled to punish me however he wants without limits or explanations. I have been whipped by a belt many times -- sometimes in his basement, and other times outdoors in the deep woods behind his house. Without explanation, he simply asks that I walk with him to the basement or to a secluded spot deep in the woods. Then, he asks me to remove all of my clothing, and to assume a position where I am to lie on my stomach with my ankles crossed and my wrists crossed over my head. He typically gives me 100 lashes in a single session, which is enough to give me bleeding welts on my ass and the backs of my thighs. I moan and cry, but I am warned never to ask him to stop until he gives me 100 lashes in a row. Otherwise, he can give me 250 lashes. Reply Report

tom234 +1 points504 days ago

@amy Ever thought of seeking professional help by a psychotherapist ? Reply Report

jenni +6 points748 days ago

suspend me feet off the ground 500 lashes with a bull whip a no mercy whipping lash me as hard as you want to Reply Report

deborah +5 points671 days ago

I want to try1000 lashes with a bullwhip let some of my black lovers whip my white body while my husband watches Reply Report

Jennie +1 points311 days ago

@deborah Hard fantasy; but in reality, after that whipping you'd be dead. Reply Report

HornyAF +1 points784 days ago

That's pretty fucking hot Amy...I hope to find myself a guy like this someday Reply Report

DD17 +1 points767 days ago

I'm sure you'll find your perfect dominant someday soon. Reply Report
The critic

The critic +1 points1059 days ago

Um, why tf do you let this happen? It seems you're a stupid bitch. Reply Report
Slave lover

Slave lover +7 points1004 days ago

She wants to be owned Reply Report
Night Owl

Night Owl   0 points1124 days ago

That's all? Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +51 points1189 days ago

This is the best belt whipping of an amateur girlfriend's nude ass ever captured on video. The girl takes off all of her clothes in a rural but public outdoor setting, lies on her pile of clothes, and then endures the pain and torture of 86 lashes by her boyfriend's belt, as she cries from the agony of her punishment. The sound of the belt-whipping lashes on her buttocks and thighs, the red marks of blood on her welts, and the crying and screaming that continue for about 5 minutes are enough to make any guy watching this video cum two or three times. Paul Steiner makes the best ass-whipping torture videos. Reply Report

Krkrun1 +4 points842 days ago

Are there more like this Reply Report

lol +44 points1881 days ago

sweet ^^ Reply Report

faeriejane +10 points1579 days ago

The crack of the belt with the sounds of her crying and begging is making me wet. She's a sweet little submissive. Reply Report

nativechickxp +2 points1278 days ago

mmmm she was sweet and her cries made me wet and gave me many orgasms.. Reply Report

Princessnotty +8 points1362 days ago

Wow - I got wet watching and long to have a man whip me like that when I am bad. I know it was brutal but she learned her lesson and maybe I would mine. I would like my tits treated the same but she is tougher than me; I would have to be restrained but God I long for a real man who knows safe words prevent the real punishment and I would be a better behaved person if I could find that man strong enough to tie me up, whip my ass, pussy and tits like that until he said we were done - not when I pull out my safe word to exert control. Yes - it was harsh and would hurt but isn't discipline supposed to. Somebody needs to take me in hand like that Reply Report

Lizbizz   0 points106 days ago

@Princessnotty I don't understand why u would like pain and cry how can u enjoy but im a girl who hate pain but I would love to spank someone's boobs but I want to make her cry I don't want her enjoying it Reply Report

ryderwell   0 points256 days ago

@Princessnotty are you on fet? Reply Report

HeidiAnn41   0 points725 days ago

I loved this and wish to exactly what you said . Like everyday or once a week more like it . I'm naughty everyday for certain things . Reply Report

Yearning +2 points784 days ago

Me too! It's like they're afraid to hurt us or something!? Even when I loose my shyness enough to actually ask a guy to spank or whip me they do it too softly...just like a shitty backrub without enough pressure. Wtf? I'll keep looking for a guy who's not afraid to do this to me while remaining a lady in the streets though, and I'm not compromising for some vanilla relationship til i find him! Reply Report
Man y\'all need

Man y\'all need   0 points739 days ago

I wouldn't be afraid to hurt you. Reply Report

jamiec   0 points615 days ago

Yes please ;) Reply Report

,,l,, +8 points851 days ago

This is easily the hottest video on this site. Reply Report

pigfucker +7 points1828 days ago

AWESOME .............beat that bitch 5/5 Reply Report

su1c1d3 +6 points1843 days ago

this made me cum so hard Reply Report

sb11 +6 points867 days ago

best bdsm video ever Reply Report
mt br 2567

mt br 2567 +5 points1631 days ago

Does anyone know if there are any other videos of this couple?? Reply Report

bruce425 +5 points1043 days ago

Still a better love story than twilight. Reply Report

0909 +4 points1881 days ago

Cry baby cry Reply Report

Beth +4 points1572 days ago

I am a submissive wife in a domestic discipline home my husband takes great care of me I do everything to please his every needs sexual, mental, and cook and clean I do get spanking for minor things I have been whipped like this too like when I messed up his truck by hitting the pole at the bank Reply Report
Your Average Single Guy

Your Average Single Guy -3 points1554 days ago

Hi Beth! Like the way you're being treated? Stick around. If not, get the fuck out of Dodge! I know you don't think it is as simple as that, but it is. Reply Report
Just a Guy

Just a Guy -1 points870 days ago

She's a submissive. That's how she should be treated, and how she wants to be treated. It's not abuse. It's really just a lifestyle. Reply Report

realperson +3 points1923 days ago

derrr ... if you look when she gets undressed her ass is already marked so they obviously do this a lot Reply Report

Dan +3 points1785 days ago

She is extremely well disciplined to not fight back or just run away.
Totally unrestrained is very impressive.
I don't like that guy at all but she obviously does.
Reply Report

titsubslut +3 points1590 days ago

One of my favorites! I wish I could find someone to do this to my ass (and tits, too). No restraints needed! Reply Report

Spankme   0 points513 days ago

@titsubslut I would love ❤️ to do that to your arse only if you cum in my mouth mmmmm Reply Report

naughtybwoy +1 points823 days ago

i'll do that to u Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender +3 points1504 days ago

Should have whipped her cunt and face also Reply Report

twojastara +3 points725 days ago

Fuck that was great. That's how you tame a whore! I'd love to beat her up some more, like 10 mins more! It's a good thing a have a whore who loves to slapped, punched, spit on and having her hair pulled! Reply Report

slutcandy +3 points387 days ago

oh my she got it good Reply Report

FreakyMagicGirl +3 points100 days ago

Luv it!
I've cum so many times watching it.
Reply Report

David +2 points1721 days ago

Awesome video love seeing a real spanking Reply Report

fratom +2 points1510 days ago

not a real spanking but a beating that sure made her arse real red and raw and her cries were real and natural I liked it very much Reply Report

Marjorie +2 points157 days ago

This is what I need; A man who whips me hard; Continues my punishment even when I cry and beg him to stop. Makes it uncomfortable to for me to sit for a week; Marks me with welts from my ass to the backs of my knees. Grabs me by the hair and backhands me if I curse him; Shows me who is in charge. Reply Report

Submissive-agender +2 points910 days ago

I love this aftercare. Fuck off to anyone who says it's stupid Reply Report

911 +1 points397 days ago

@Submissive-agender aftercare ? Dude he literally said “I’m the best you’ll get” “u r helpless without me”. THATS CALLED MANIPULATION FOR F*** SAKE. Some of u don’t even understand the concept of bdsm Reply Report

911   0 points397 days ago

@Submissive-agender aftercare ? Dude he literally said “I’m the best you’ll get” “u r helpless without me”. THATS CALLED MANIPULATION FOR F*** SAKE. Some of u don’t even understand the concept of bdsm Reply Report

911 +1 points397 days ago

@Submissive-agender aftercare ? Dude he literally said “I’m the best you’ll get” “u r helpless without me”. THATS CALLED MANIPULATION FOR F*** SAKE. Some of u don’t even understand the concept of bdsm Reply Report
Potent pervert

Potent pervert +2 points1066 days ago

This made me hard Reply Report
This was consensual

This was consensual +2 points979 days ago

For all of you who say fuck this asshole, it is too brutal for me, personally. However, I do things that might be too brutal for someone else.

It is consensual and that is all that matters.

She says please stop, but in the end she was consenting and probably had an actual safeword she could say.

The reason why people have a safeword, for all those supposed masochists out there who have never actually experienced a real whipping, is in case it is too much.

That level of pain can kill people who are not healthy. PEople can go into cardiac arrest because of that.

It is not me saying he shouldn't be able to do what she ultimately wants, but it is me saying there is a certain level of care that is needed and i can guarantee they talked thoroughly about this. I think she actually stated that she wanted it this hard in the full video.

My brother's wife made him promise her that he was going to try and convince her and remind her that she wanted a natural birth if she began to request drugs. She is her own woman, and my brother does not lord over her. Fact remains, he respects and loves her and will give her what she wants, until it becomes a risk to her. She was in labor for many, many hours, was crying and vomiting and her vitals were getting a bit wonky, and then he said enough is enough.

Is he a tyrant who said no drugs? No, she is the one who told him to remind her in a moment of weakness this is what she wanted.

This whipping is what the woman wanted as well, and it in no way was too much in terms of being dangerous.

Reply Report
Last Call12

Last Call12 -3 points975 days ago

And do you have a life? Reply Report

yaa +2 points469 days ago

That's exactly what all women need Reply Report
All woman don\'t need to be beaten like that

All woman don\'t need to be beaten like that   0 points358 days ago

@yaa Reply Report

jamiec +2 points615 days ago

I'd love to be owned like this Reply Report

Littlebrat +2 points200 days ago

I want this man as my daddy so bad. The way he talks to her and hugs her and comforts her. He is the perfect daddy. I would obey him and do anything he asked of me. Reply Report

Pazuzu +2 points100 days ago

What a sexy ass on that submissive little pain pig. You can tell that he is very proud of her. Reply Report

se7en +1 points1923 days ago

he fucking gives aftercare screw all you people for judging Reply Report

Shadler -4 points820 days ago

Aftercare? You fucking pencil dick, it's called manipulation. "See honey? I actually love you, you deserve this. You're helpless without me, you need me. I'm the best you'll get."

It's disgusting, lol Killed my fucking boner.

Poor bitch.

Pathetic fuck of a man.
Reply Report

Mike -3 points761 days ago

Absolutely. This is abuse and battery. He belongs in jail. she needs psychological counseling. Reply Report

MasterR +1 points400 days ago

It was abuse, tes, but she is his property to do as he wishes. He owns her. Reply Report
Jimmy d

Jimmy d   0 points502 days ago

Mabey she'll learn her lesson for next time!! Reply Report
Jimmy d

Jimmy d   0 points502 days ago

Nothing like an early morning bum paddle in the forest
Reply Report

mastersheffield   0 points738 days ago

If this is her relationship with her boyfriend, I wonder why about her relationship with her first male role model - her dad. Reply Report

HornyAF   0 points784 days ago

I've watched this video several times before, but now i keep getting an error about html5: video not properly encoded. Please fix it or direct me to somewhere I can buy it for my private arsenal.

I attempted signing up through the Heavy-R app butt it says some creepy stuff about charging my card 34.95 and 40.00 a month unless I cancel etc so I chose not to go through with it. Would love to see more vids of this couple though as I'm sure would many others based on the comments...any leads?
Reply Report

david   0 points1922 days ago

wash you,you are dirty....lol Reply Report

Hitler   0 points1876 days ago

I cum thrice in a second, this is unbelievable Reply Report

WTF   0 points1774 days ago

Man, i like watching whipping vids, but this is so hardcore i have urge to beat the shit out of this dude. :O Reply Report

Kayla   0 points1688 days ago

Mmm spank me Master Reply Report

me   0 points1396 days ago

He should have given her a friendly clap on the butt at the end to show her that everything is over and forgiven. Reply Report

SexyAzzBiitch198   0 points1278 days ago


serena   0 points1054 days ago

love the ending!! this is so important! Reply Report
good girl and nice whipping

good girl and nice whipping   0 points945 days ago

Jack Danielle Reply Report
m upton

m upton   0 points805 days ago

want this done to me by a butch biker guy Reply Report

treeguy   0 points687 days ago

85 is a weird number I always whip in even increments. She definitely would have gotten 15 more from me

Reply Report
The ghost in the studio

The ghost in the studio   0 points65 days ago

Would love to give that bully perver a dose of his own medicine only with a led pipe Reply Report

Apples   0 points468 days ago

Beautiful punishment. Reply Report

nativegirl69   0 points452 days ago

i have a pretty submissive GF but she NEVER wants to be whipped like this good lil bitch did... FUCK this made me soooo wet.. is there any women who would love a good whipping out there?.... ;)
Reply Report

Fuckyourmotherbuddy!   0 points382 days ago

What a fucked up dude mistreating her like that. If he wasn't such a fucking asshole she wouldnt lie to him in the first place. Reply Report

Wasco   0 points328 days ago

What an absolute piece of shit this guy is. Fat ass little dick. Reply Report

hurtcore   0 points266 days ago

...and now fuck her! Reply Report

Kurtz   0 points247 days ago

If I would pass by seeing this, guy would be probably dead. Reply Report

BlackM   0 points223 days ago

My god, I've seen this several times and yes, I do agree it's really lovely (she is too ;-)), as lovely would be being Amy's boyfriend (comment here below)!! Reply Report
Blah blah fuck you

Blah blah fuck you   0 points227 days ago

This is a drug dealer whipping a meth whore who prob smoked up too much profit. HEH shit u think people gonna believe BS like it's bf and gf? Doubt it. They're prob both in jail by now anyway I hope. Reply Report

tightbuns   0 points177 days ago

I like my male ass to be treated that way then fuck good by a hard cock. Reply Report

heruvim   0 points154 days ago

you are sick!!! mentally!!! seek for help now! Reply Report

kyla   0 points14 days ago

omg look at the way her legs tremble in shock Reply Report

Pisar -1 points1169 days ago

love story 5 Reply Report

Aerosmith -1 points1808 days ago

Janie's got a gun, her whole world's come undone... Reply Report
ben dover

ben dover -1 points1923 days ago

i'd like to beat his ass for a few minutes!!!!! Reply Report

getting805 -1 points654 days ago

I am certain he will find some excuse to beat that ass again...and fairly soon at that. Her ass will never be fully healed! lol Reply Report

holinf -1 points1783 days ago

MORE!!!1 Reply Report

seahagg -1 points1783 days ago

i love it Reply Report
just out of jail

just out of jail -1 points1703 days ago

He should have made her bleed tame all wild cunts this way Reply Report

Wow -1 points1350 days ago

She should be thanking him for not leaving her I wish my boyfriend was that gracious Reply Report

machine -1 points1291 days ago

This vid is so best! Reply Report

giber -1 points1283 days ago

great clip. Wish it was an hour long and I wish he had beat the whore's tits that hard Reply Report

americanculturesucks -1 points1151 days ago

biker white trash and that annoying redneck accent saying do you understand me makes me want to bash his fucking teeth out. tattoos and dirty bare feet is gross and her body is trashed but the beating is A+++ Reply Report

Carben -1 points1004 days ago

Reply Report

bestiale -1 points979 days ago

povera figa, quante ne ha buscate! Reply Report

Mew -1 points324 days ago

Every time I watch this clip I am aroused. Sometimes I fantasize being caught trespassing and being punished by the property owner. I am ordered to bend over a fallen tree and bare my bottom. He takes off this belt and whips me until I am marked from my ass to the backs of my knees. Then I feel his cock invade the crack of my ass. He is rough and uses no lubrication. As he sodomizes me I feel his balls slapping my welted ass. It only takes a few strokes and he cums up my ass. When finished, he zips his pants and walks away. I have cum and blood dripping down my legs. I will be back next week. Reply Report

okl -2 points1922 days ago

How can a woman just force a man to do such brutal things to her!? Reply Report

MsB   0 points55 days ago

@okl what bullshit is that? Nobody forced him. Reply Report

Tod -3 points1788 days ago

He didn't beat the bitch hard or long enough. Reply Report
Somebody should be your ass like that tod

Somebody should be your ass like that tod   0 points358 days ago

@Tod Reply Report
Tomas Levy

Tomas Levy -3 points948 days ago

The part beginning at 05:06 is absolutely disgusting. How can he treat a woman like that? Reply Report

hhaha -5 points1921 days ago

gestoorde gasten duitse koloie van maken en op een eiland gooie
ik neuk jullie allemaal de moeder
Reply Report

Tammy -7 points1923 days ago

Brute,Barbarian why did he have do that? Reply Report

000 +19 points1882 days ago

obviously she didnt obey Reply Report
Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee -6 points1854 days ago

Doesn't give you the right to treat someone so terribly. Reply Report
Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh +2 points230 days ago

She is an adult female who consented in advance to being whipped as punishment for disobeying her boyfriend, so this is legal. Reply Report

wolfmandan -7 points1418 days ago

Someone tell me Who this Low Life Fucking Basterd is Ill Do TOO Him. What he did too Her. U Never Beat Your Slave LIke That. Maybe a over the knee Spanking. BUt Nothing Like That!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her Ass Was All Brused From Other BEATINGS. FUCKING ASS HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Shay -9 points1300 days ago


Dennis -15 points1922 days ago

I have to believe, that this wasnt voluntary?
This is just like the rape porn.
Looks real, but setup... cause its just p0rn.
Reply Report

kev -16 points1922 days ago

what a tough girl id chop his dick off and shove it up his arse and then beat the shit out of him if i new him
Reply Report

Briarley -17 points1922 days ago

WTF, it should be his turn now Reply Report