Bloody Ass Whipping

BDSM slave gets an extreme hard ass torture till the blood runs down her legs. Good thing she hasn't got a office job since sitting was not an option for two weeks after this torture!

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menstrual blood swallower

menstrual blood swallower +15 points1381 days ago

Jerked off after this one Reply Report

liver +4 points1241 days ago

looks beautiful Reply Report

Crazyman2 +2 points1265 days ago

What a diabolical instrument. If he lashed her tits with that scourge they'd be bloody mounds of pulp! And he leaves her ass a slough of blood with little force. Imagine if he laid each stroke on with a will? Her ass would be tattered strips of flesh and muscle!! Reply Report

Slasher +2 points1165 days ago

This video is similar to another where a chubby blond has her ass scourged! Here she receives two dozen lashes after already having been lashed before. Probably two dozen also. So at the end she's probably taken 48 strokes. Despite how bloody her ass is at the end I would like to have seen her take another 36 to 48 strokes leaving her ass a total slough of bloody muscle!! And blood droplets running all down her legs. When she's released at the end she should face the camera and request her tits be scourged too! Reply Report
Battle Ass

Battle Ass +1 points101 days ago

She should have gotten 100 full force lashes and then 200 more full force lashes with the cane. Reply Report
No name

No name +1 points1238 days ago

Why did they stop scourging her ass? Don't stop so soon! Make her ass ripped open with strips of muscle, tendons, and flesh hanging down - see a few bits of bone exposed... Reply Report

Jack2 +1 points146 days ago

Next time give her 20 more Reply Report
bastard 03

bastard 03 +1 points118 days ago

brilliant but want to see the scourge used on the rest of her body Reply Report
No name

No name   0 points1242 days ago

Please lash my ass this severe! Please let a hot mistress be the one to do it too! I deserve harsh, brutal punishment. I can't make love or even cum since my fucking balls don't work. So now I feel not only intense pain and disfigurement but strong humiliation knowing I'll never arouse a woman but suffer pain and torture when I might have been enjoying hot sex if my body hadn't betrayed me! Let it suffer as I do... Reply Report
Rachel Z

Rachel Z +1 points943 days ago

Get a sex change Reply Report
Whip her ass

Whip her ass   0 points683 days ago

The blades embedded in these thongs are doing a great job cutting her ass to pulp! There are deep lacerations across her ass - very bloody, very nice!! In Part 1 she's already been scourged, but here in Part 2 she takes 24 strokes leaving her ass quite a mess!! Reply Report
bbrian powers

bbrian powers   0 points16 days ago

That how I want my ass to look like after a whipping...:). Reply Report

AnimeNiac   0 points228 days ago

what implement was used Reply Report

Hey19   0 points76 days ago

pretty awesome girl Reply Report

Ballslayer -6 points1220 days ago

This poor sister has her ass ripped to shreds so horny men can jack off watching her suffer. Let's see some of these bastards take a beating like she does. I'd like to kick their fucking balls to pulp while I'm at it! Reply Report

Rembrandt +6 points666 days ago

Your cunt stinks like rotting fish you slut Reply Report

explorer +1 points995 days ago

There are plenty of videos with men getting this kind of treatment, so if that's your game it's there for the taking. You know, this is not being done to women (or men) against their will, there's consent (it would be illegal otherwise). Reply Report
Yankee Rose

Yankee Rose   0 points1021 days ago

Your cunt stinks,douche it bitch Reply Report