Wild Boar Attacking People In Russia

Yeah run that fucker over!

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Fat Pig

Fat Pig +5 points1988 days ago

Wish that would happen to Linda Hasting/Grills.
Evil twat.
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---- +5 points1987 days ago

I think the video should be called- people in Russia attacking wild boar Reply Report

Unity +3 points1811 days ago

People UNITED can accomplish so many things!!!!!!!! Reply Report
Humans are useless

Humans are useless +2 points1987 days ago

I love seeing humans getting fucked up by animals, humans are nothing but a virus on this planet invading and taking over the habitat of other animals, I hope this planet is as fucked as they say it is, that we only have about 50 years or left on this planet, I hope its true and as humans I hope we go extinct, cause we aint rite, we don't belong here, we are the invaders and the animals are the riteful owners of this planet, Humans are useless. Reply Report

jhook   0 points248 days ago

@Humans are useless Humans are animals to,moron,but we are lucky to be on top of the food chain,and we have higher intelligence then the rest.You dont seem to fit in that category however. Reply Report
A guy

A guy   0 points789 days ago

Totally agree with you 'humans are useless' Reply Report
In soviet russia

In soviet russia +2 points1897 days ago

Russian boar hunting at its finest Reply Report

HOHO +1 points1987 days ago

bbq PORK THAT NIGHT. Reply Report

heavyghost +1 points1747 days ago

They guy with the giant cement block, So funny. Reply Report

mothercare   0 points1986 days ago

even pigs know russian drivers cant drive well Reply Report

YUM   0 points1632 days ago

Dinner is served ! Reply Report

artgr -3 points1986 days ago

Russians = Gipsies Reply Report
Russian Gipsy

Russian Gipsy +1 points1907 days ago

Shut your trap! You boar. Reply Report

Al -6 points1985 days ago

Those idiots killed the innocent animal. They should all go to prison. Reply Report