Lion Attack At The Circus

Lions had enough and attack their trainer during circus show.

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hobo +33 points2273 days ago

Lions should never be in cage! Reply Report

guest +13 points2273 days ago

Who would have thought 10 lions would be dangerous? Reply Report

RustyNickels +12 points2273 days ago

Fuck the circus. Reply Report
The Lion King

The Lion King +10 points2273 days ago

Circus is and remains animal cruelty ....
Reply Report

Michael +8 points2272 days ago

Slovenia (as a member of EU countries) was the first country which fully banned circuses with animals and banned tests on animals for the "beauty" industry. I hope other countries will follow soon. Reply Report

hurp +7 points2273 days ago

i like how the biggest lion just sits on the platform the entire time not giving a shit Reply Report

5pawsakademy +3 points2273 days ago

I agree with you Non User Hurp.. there is one that stay there and just wait patiently for the show to go on..Lions dont attack for no reasons, especially in circus where they have been tamed and trained since cub.. there is clearly some beef going on between this trainer and this particular lion.. Now in regard to Non User The Lion King, I trully agree and said it many times, lions dont belong in Circus, and all big cats for the matter.. Reply Report

5pawsakademy +3 points2273 days ago

Now for anyone else that may come and watch this video, I hope that someone with a Feline behaviour background will have his say.. But I read Elsa the Lionness Born Free and one thing is sure, If Lions like you and you don't betray their trust they will roam the land by your side and even protect you... This Circus need to review it's handling and care of Animals.. Plus i dont know if anyone noticed the whole incident started when the two lions collided with each other. and the tamer or trainer or what ever name you want to give to this nutjob, over reacted by flinching the one that retaliated.. and instead of moving out off the cage he stayed in.. notice also that no lions even the one quite pissed off attacked any one else.. Reply Report

drg +3 points2273 days ago

I have sorry for the lions, they didn't get a new meal Reply Report

Lionophile +3 points2273 days ago

hopefully the lions will win next time Reply Report

Al +3 points2266 days ago


hahahha +2 points2273 days ago

i love videos like this. fucking cruelty Reply Report

Sidney +2 points2270 days ago

Poor lions thats what happens when you take nature out of its habitat, poor lions feel sorry for you guys and i carnt beleive some countries let this go on, all involved persons should be chopped up and fed to the lions as pay back!!!! Reply Report

heavyghost +2 points2191 days ago

After the first bite from that lion I would have gotten the fuck out of their!!!! Reply Report

Al +1 points2272 days ago

Go, lions, go!!! Reply Report

jeff +1 points2270 days ago

Why didnt the people just get out of the cage and let the lions calm's not surprising the other ones joined in when everyone in the audiance is screaming, and the trainers are all panicing. Reply Report

XCOM +1 points2269 days ago

Circuses have been redundant for a long time now. The tales of animal cruelty, especially, in the non-American circuses have been disturbing. I won't even support the Shriner circus anymore. Reply Report

ment +1 points2268 days ago

go lions go goog Reply Report

easteuropeman +1 points2266 days ago

Lions 1 : 0 People!!!
I hate circus! Stupid families can only visit such a place with childrens.
Reply Report

accident... +1 points2263 days ago

I've noticed since the beginning that the lion was stressed, in this case the better thing is not to give the lion the back Reply Report
It's me mario

It's me mario +1 points1944 days ago

Haha they deserve everything they got from them lions just a shame to say that those lions are either dead or treat like shit now. Reply Report

Hahaha!!! +1 points1750 days ago

Got what he deserved. Reply Report

concerned +1 points1836 days ago

oh no now we're gonna have to shoot the trainer. Reply Report

chupame_la_pija   0 points2273 days ago

jajajaajja jodansé por putos Reply Report

EnterName   0 points347 days ago

Wild animals are not for your fucking circus. Hope you all die. Reply Report
A Random Jew from Israel

A Random Jew from Israel -1 points1323 days ago

Screw those lions and anyone who sides with them. Humans are at the top of the food chain. We can do whatever the fuck we want in this motherfucking earth. Reply Report
Fuck Koran

Fuck Koran -2 points2140 days ago

Fake Reply Report