Sasha Grey Drinking Her Own Piss

The beautiful and lovely Miss Grey drinking her own sweet nectar.

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ice +31 points1898 days ago

nice like to eat her cunt and piss Reply Report

headtotoe +12 points1896 days ago

Sasha is lickable from head to toe and would taste delicious. Reply Report

Death +8 points1854 days ago

I'd have no problem drinking that. She's fucking perfect. Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot   0 points1729 days ago

Me neither! Isn't she beautiful? Reply Report

buttfuckme +6 points1854 days ago

I'm with you headtotoe...
She is hot as....
Reply Report

well +4 points1853 days ago

I wouldn't say no to substituting my water with her piss.. Reply Report

Pisslover +4 points1561 days ago

I would pay much money for that glass of her piss Reply Report

sneakyfox +3 points1831 days ago

love SG! Reply Report

fetishist +3 points785 days ago

My dreamgirl and Queen. So beautiful, naughty and sweet. Drop some ice on glass and cheers ahh! I would eat and drink everything what she push or spray out. It's so wrong that she don't do any efro or soft scat. Reply Report

bjester0294 +2 points1207 days ago

I love this video i would do anything to taste her piss Reply Report

anon-sdfjoisn +2 points941 days ago

she should sell her urine Reply Report

frankw265 +1 points1746 days ago

Wonderful. Reply Report

waldemar69 +1 points950 days ago

COOL's what I love to do! Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot   0 points1852 days ago

I agree with all comments here. Sasha Grey is a beautiful woman. I would drink her piss in a heartbeat! It was so nice of her to let all the horny men on this site watch her in a most private moment. I wish she would've had a poo as well. I would gladly tuck into that with a knife & fork! Reply Report

nice   0 points1626 days ago

i want to eat her ass and suck the piss out of her cunt then snack on her sweet bloody tampons Reply Report

weteye   0 points1204 days ago

Never been a Sasha grey fan , but been getting intom pee do hey its ok Reply Report

deadnyc   0 points1170 days ago

i bet she eats her turds also, hahahah Reply Report

doubleoo7k   0 points384 days ago

HELL YEAH! Now if we could see her shit & then eat it that'd be love! Reply Report

milkmaid -2 points1854 days ago

Oh well---

Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot -7 points1756 days ago

Who the fuck gave my comment 96 days ago, 2 NEGATIVE votes?? Reply Report