Extreme Piss Drinking With Funnels

Brazilian group of girls who got together for the sole purpose of drinking piss. First they stick a funnel in one of the girls' mouth while another one squats above her. She didn't want to but was forced. Most of the other girls afterwards chugged it down and loved it though, either from makeshift funnels or directly from pussy.

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whatever +16 points1384 days ago

love the girl with the white funnel in her mouth,her vids are great Reply Report

Hey -1 points1364 days ago

Put some videos up of her Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +8 points696 days ago

These girls are about 18 or 19, and this was filmed in a recreation center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More and more girls in Brazil are being dared to swallow entire loads of piss as part of a hazing ritual to join a group or club or sorority. It's starting to happen in the U.S., too. Reply Report

crossbone50 -1 points175 days ago

Would love to be a part of this ritual myself Reply Report

alexandria76 +3 points1182 days ago

They talk like retards Reply Report

Pisserman +3 points527 days ago

I once drank a lot at night and the next morning I was literally so full my bladder was in pain! It took me over five minites to empty over three cups of piss into a cup! If I could have found me a cute piss drinker... Reply Report
New carbonated drink

New carbonated drink +2 points1366 days ago

Move away Pepsi...here is Pissy
Move away Coke...here is Cork (if from a male)
Move away Carrot juice...here is Cunt juice (health drink)
Reply Report

Sickpuppy +2 points938 days ago

I'd like to be their piss slave! I'd drink every drop and ask for more! Reply Report
 ass lickers

ass lickers +1 points1366 days ago

great lesbo Reply Report
sissy misty

sissy misty +1 points1145 days ago

Sometimes my mistress will put a funnel in my mouth to ensure i swallow every drop of her golden nectar Reply Report

belfast   0 points1384 days ago

Ronaldino..is that him at the start!! Reply Report
pussy eater

pussy eater   0 points1365 days ago

piss on me any time Reply Report

achim   0 points1351 days ago

why they use girls why they dont use me Reply Report

hmmm   0 points1292 days ago

Insertedd watther nott pee Reply Report

dilan   0 points547 days ago

Wow ..so sexy love to see..pls me too Reply Report

smally   0 points163 days ago

Paradise Reply Report

komentator -2 points1366 days ago

Mam taki sam lejek... Reply Report

-6 points1365 days ago

I feel a murder spree coming on.... Starting with these useless low life cunts... Reply Report