Crazy Girl Eating Poop

Some people have a sandwich for lunch, others a salad. This girl eats her own shit.

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podkabluchnik +37 points1812 days ago

She starts off with all the right intentions - a balanced meal, with some fresh celery along with her own poo! But by 8:30 she's gulping the poop down unaccompanied, and shoving it down her throat as fast as her hands can bung it into her hungry mouth! Good girl! Excellent real-life shit-swallowing, and neatly filmed :) 5* rating! Reply Report

ShitNovice +12 points1812 days ago

Yeah, you have to put shit on to celery to make it taste nice. Celery's disgusting on its own! Reply Report

bert +6 points1808 days ago

One of the best, at the start she says Sarah here again are there more. Reply Report

superperv18   0 points152 days ago

@bert a couple more.. Reply Report
Shit Lover

Shit Lover +4 points688 days ago

I'd like to ask her for a date & make out with her! She's nice & she's got nice tits & a very nice ass! I guess if I were hungry she could feed me from her ass! I would like that! She's pretty! Reply Report

xtreme +3 points1812 days ago

can she invite me 4 the party? Reply Report

some-rabid-dude +3 points1661 days ago

Marry me! Reply Report
Fudge lover

Fudge lover +3 points840 days ago

I'd snack with her any day. Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +1 points1769 days ago

She's kind of cute...not in to the eating, but love to fuck her from behind while she empties her bowels :) Reply Report
Fat Fuck Frank

Fat Fuck Frank +1 points1768 days ago

Gorgeous Reply Report

precumdaddy   0 points1469 days ago

I'll give her credit for at least trying... Reply Report

Cro   0 points456 days ago

Both the cup and the tray went out of the camera frame. Once it does that I always think it's been switched . Reply Report
Tim J.

Tim J.   0 points73 days ago

@Cro theres on wher she shoves a carrot up her ass a d eats the shit off it shes !egit Reply Report

august3   0 points8 days ago

That was really hot. Reply Report

dirtyharry92 -1 points1767 days ago

I want one. I'll treat her nicely, I would serve her my shit on a breakfast tray when wakes up in the morning. Or let her eat it straight from my ass. Reply Report

Walllibeerke -1 points324 days ago

I wonna taste her pee and shit Reply Report

bigcumload -3 points1812 days ago

i'd like to give her some of my fudge Reply Report

hornblower -8 points1770 days ago

Personally I can't see the attraction of eating your own, or someone else's, body waste but I suppose there are some who do. I couldn't stand the smell and would worry about serious infections but I guess a few aren't that concerned with their own health.
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Dirty white slut

Dirty white slut -10 points1770 days ago

Eat shit and die slut Reply Report

FUCKING GROSS SHIT NIGGER -15 points1770 days ago

sorry but this is beyond disgusting,

sorry but this is beyond disgusting,
sorry but this is beyond disgusting,
sorry but this is beyond disgusting,
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