Burned Boy Rapping

Burn victim rapping for his Youtube audience.

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Average White Guy

Average White Guy +33 points1582 days ago

Poor kid. At least he's trying to carry on. Reply Report

jimbo +15 points1581 days ago

Dude is a warrior, He has a fucking great attitude. Thats a lot of shit to go through and still be positive-Gets my respect! Reply Report

anon +10 points1580 days ago

poor fucking kid, respect Reply Report
real talk

real talk +8 points1581 days ago

you guys saying that about this video are really heartless. I mean really? that is so wrong. this man was burned all over his body. imagine the excruciating pain he must have induced. how would you feel if this was or brother or father or child.... or YOU!... have a heart man. have a soul... the hurtful words are unnecessary.....i could not be so upbeat. I couldn't live. but he is and he is proud of himself... much respect. i wish I could shake his hand. Reply Report

paulientje +7 points1581 days ago

he still looks better than Lil Wayne Reply Report

Sonnderkommando +5 points1582 days ago

Way too undercooked! Reply Report

pear2000 +4 points1579 days ago

Kenny Dougie, who was only 3 when he got a life changing experience.
3-year-old Kenny was watching TV in his sitting room when an unknown person threw a fire through the window, on seeing the whole house was wreathed in flames, Kenny's grandad had no option but to walk him through the fire, unfortunately Kenny's grandad died.
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Perplexed +4 points1581 days ago

I want to know this guy's history. Do I think, "Wow this guy's really strong and coping through adversity" or is it more, "Well he tried to burn someone's house down and it back fired, fuck the cunt!" Reply Report

NOV11B +3 points1581 days ago

laugh all you want... wish this kid good luck. he is having a hard time... and trying hard to believe what he is saying about being fresh and what not. best of luck Reply Report

Idea +1 points1581 days ago

Put some seasoning on him and put him in a box, and niggers would start offering you money for all that KFC you got. Reply Report

BAMM! +1 points1580 days ago

This gir... boy is on FIREEEEEEEEEEEER Reply Report
lame song choice

lame song choice +1 points1577 days ago

lame song brave guy Reply Report

eisensarg   0 points1580 days ago

michael-you cant hide forever..finally breaking through dave dave... Reply Report

pauluzzz   0 points1581 days ago

couldn't he have picked a better song? or was it just cool to be burned like that Reply Report

uff   0 points1580 days ago

how did that happen? Reply Report

me   0 points1519 days ago

be strong, train hard, you sure can become like Makoto Shishio, kid,
and perhaps you'll conquer japan
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preemo   0 points1418 days ago

sizzle me skinnel Reply Report

Dennis -2 points1580 days ago

Not having shame ok..
but at least put on a shirt, cause it still looks grose
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Ha ha

Ha ha -2 points1498 days ago

Disgusting nigga should be working on my farm like the rest if the ghetto scum Reply Report

XD -3 points1573 days ago

Reply Report

KKK -5 points1581 days ago

I came here for porn, not this shit. Reply Report

thatcrazyguy -6 points1582 days ago

If i was like that i will kill myself. Reply Report