18yo Pregnant Girl Burned Alive In Brazil

The girl was found burned and almost nude. She was 18 years old and two months pregnant. The case was solved in a couple of days.

She was invited to a party, which turned out to be a trap lured in an ambush by a friend (fellow callgirl) who was jealous and therefore had "sentenced" her to death. She was invite, and after some drinking and maybe drugs she was unconscious. The "friend" tortured her in the prescence of several other people, expecting that they would keep their mouth shut - which they didn't.

The killers, a 22yo man and two girls (14yo and 17yo) took the poor girl, still alive but unconscious, to a desolate place and set her on fire.

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Lord Of Chaos

Lord Of Chaos +25 points2250 days ago

SHE'S HOT!! Reply Report
The truth

The truth +21 points2255 days ago

Poor girl. :( Reply Report
why are people so demented like-

why are people so demented like-   0 points100 days ago

@The truth mhmm :C Reply Report

- +12 points1597 days ago

I am truly disgusted by alot of these comments. Reply Report
Doesn't MATTER

Doesn't MATTER -4 points1492 days ago

One of infintevways to die... Maybe all she needed was cleansing of her with pain Reply Report

Kendon38 +10 points1187 days ago

What is wrong with the sick comments ? She is just a girl who died in the worst possible way .nobody deserves to die in suck a horrible way . You sick fucks should be ashamed of yourselves Reply Report

Kronos -5 points1123 days ago

Fuck you and shave your balls Reply Report

1111 +9 points2216 days ago

Horrible Reply Report

TrollHunter +7 points1032 days ago

Y'all are some demented fuckers. Don't even try to defend this shit. This site ought to be torn down like a condemned building. Reply Report
Allah and Mohammed are faggots

Allah and Mohammed are faggots   0 points716 days ago

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Justin Igger

Justin Igger   0 points38 days ago

Smokin' body Reply Report

sickboy -4 points1694 days ago

more details on the torturing would be great Reply Report
Jolly Wanker

Jolly Wanker -4 points703 days ago

She needs some milk! Reply Report
The Elite

The Elite -6 points2138 days ago

This should be done to middle eastern sub human scum, not innocent people Reply Report

shytalk -6 points1176 days ago

take her home and fuck the shit out of her Reply Report

JuicyCutie18 -8 points2117 days ago

LOL @ all the offensive comments from christ-stains. So typical. AMEN. Semen gulpers. LOL ;p Reply Report

elmo -8 points1755 days ago

One less slut to deal with Reply Report

reeko -9 points2271 days ago

burnt black :0 Reply Report
not gay

not gay -9 points1918 days ago

working that tan fine! Reply Report

Touching -10 points2230 days ago

She is trying to tuch herself even she is dead! :O Reply Report

Nice -14 points2247 days ago

Nice! They should do that to all the underage sluts who are getting pregnant in the west Reply Report

SMF -2 points1517 days ago

Absolutely and they should rip her cunt hairs out first Reply Report
non member

non member -15 points2198 days ago

Tits like a 4yr old... not worth the air anyway Reply Report
Vice Tanny

Vice Tanny -29 points2210 days ago

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mack +7 points1485 days ago

May the creator have mercy on your soul Reply Report