Two Girls Shitting

Teen girls got a nice present for you.

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The smith

The smith +27 points1930 days ago

Eat !!! Reply Report
El Bellako

El Bellako +13 points1904 days ago

Wow... If this is not hot for someone, then I don't know what can be hot... This is fucking hot and if you don't like then you are a homosexual freak. Reply Report

Jgar +10 points1904 days ago

"This is so nasty, how could someone jerk off to this?" I thought to myself as I came. Reply Report

Durrrdarrr +7 points1720 days ago

I wish I had the balls to ask my girlfriend to shit for me, atleast I get a little leftovers when I lick her ass in 69 and taste when she had shit recently, but just makes me want more Reply Report
American Idiot

American Idiot +2 points1704 days ago

Do you ever listen at the toilet door when she goes for a poo? Reply Report

xtreme +5 points1929 days ago

the best present should be that dish on my table Reply Report

me +4 points1742 days ago

would love to have my lips fastened to them asses and swallow it all Reply Report

MickeyT +3 points1904 days ago

I know the blonde girl! her name is Jovita, she lives in Erlangen (Germany) Reply Report

obamer +2 points1904 days ago

yes we can! Reply Report

george +2 points1903 days ago

i would literally get on my knees and beg to eat that :) <3 xxxxx Reply Report

cuntface +1 points1929 days ago

2 girls 1 bowl Reply Report

JonJon +1 points1929 days ago

Now I know why house wifes have Tubber-ware parties...!!! Reply Report

ReLtIH +1 points1904 days ago

Haribo macht Kinder froh. Haribo makes kids happy :) Reply Report

zeke +1 points1903 days ago

fuckabitch is a fuckin moron shit coming out of an asshole isn't fake Reply Report

yo   0 points1902 days ago

How old are they
Reply Report
Kill me

Kill me   0 points1791 days ago

Love a dirty girl in a little plaid skirt. Reply Report

Aliciamia   0 points1768 days ago

Estas si saben vagar y la disfrutan doble. Reply Report

Aliciamia   0 points1768 days ago

Quiero bajarlo para hacerme la paja con esas bellezas. Reply Report

smally   0 points808 days ago

Beautiful Reply Report

2girls   0 points738 days ago

Really hot! Reply Report
Kat ManDo

Kat ManDo -1 points1903 days ago

I need more cowbell Reply Report

jacky -2 points1908 days ago

I am looking for a wife like , but why not find ?
Reply Report
wait a sexond!!!

wait a sexond!!! -2 points1904 days ago

wait a second!!!!! GIRLS CANT SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Fuckdabitch -3 points1903 days ago

95% of this eat-shit videos are FAKE as fuck. Only the 5% made in Brasil are real. Reply Report

Fuckdabitch -4 points1902 days ago

Non-Member zeke you are a dumbass; Keep belive that shit is real. Go search in Google fake shit, all the texture and colour of this coprophagia-videos are same. Retard, because retards like you, the porn in internet is 90% fake. RETARD. Reply Report
porn is cool, battlefield is cooler

porn is cool, battlefield is cooler -4 points1898 days ago

sounds like fake poop and actually look acceptably real just wish thay would poop and loss for me Reply Report

Fuckdabitch -5 points1902 days ago

For all of yours that belive this is real, write HOW TO MAKE FAKE POOP (EASY & REALISTIC) on Youtube.
Reply Report

2cunts1cam -11 points1920 days ago

aww look they wanna b famous, thats so entertaining.. i'm gonna go watch monkeys throw poop at each other now Reply Report